Sakhalin brutal siege — the point of attack bears-rods

Sakhalin — a brutal siege. Residents of the island are suffering from is not quite a common problem — the activity of local bears. People are becoming more common animals, where they are not supposed to be: in the gardens, in suburban areas, and even in the city. Foresters are on duty around the clock, but to prevent the invasion still can not.
Alarm groups Aniva forestry going on the road. Another sign came from the garden community "Star". On the way we listen to a short briefing — how to behave when meeting a bear.
"Do not look into the eyes, do not depart in any case, do not run away — calls the driver Anivchskogo forestry Alex Durbin. — If a person runs away, the bear immediately attacked. Then have to knock the bucket and screaming."
First stop — in the neighboring village of Petropavlovsk. The group joins a professional hunter armed with a rifle at the bear, he works with forestry volunteers.
"In Aniva district, there is a group of hunters to shoot off the bear, — says Mikhail Vandyshev. — We are going to talk on the phone."
At a summer cottage on the eve of the team has spent the night in an ambush, but to no avail. Paid a visit to a new bear, looking out the window, scared and devastated owner stood at the door bin. "Took a bucket in his teeth, turned everything, poured, ate — says local resident Svyatoslav Schirenkov. — Silently went to a neighbor, it was like, and went on a walk":
Putting a new patrol ambushed. In gardens for many gardeners, while the behavior of hungry bears unpredictable. Footage of wild bears beggars that come to a person and make almost circus tricks to earn a tin of condensed milk, beat all records on video. Although, at first glance, bears set peacefully, the participants of these scenes a great risk.
This year, the Sakhalin and Kurile Islands registered more than 15 dangerous episodes in which people saved only by a miracle. According to experts, the bearish appetite broke out because of a bad harvest taiga wild plants and shortages of basic treats — red fish, visiting the island to spawn in the river. If the Bears do not have time to work up fat reserves and will be connecting rods, in the winter they will pose an even greater danger.

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