Scientist: in climate occurred imbalance

Coast of Russia comes after a devastating typhoon "Rocky." He brought with him the strongest rain and wind gusts that reached hurricane force up to 37 meters per second. In Russia, a hurricane came from Japan, where his force of 11 people were killed and over 300 injured.
We can say that now is the peak of activity of typhoons. The season lasts until October. And in September, they happen frequently. Why do scientists still have not learned to accurately predict typhoons, the host of "Morning of Russia" learned from the director of the Institute of Water Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Danilov-Danilyan.
According to him, the reasons why there are different abnormal weather phenomena known: the temperature difference, the difference in pressure and all kinds of heterogeneity of the land. "But one of the questions that we are unable to answer why they may have arisen in some cases, and in some not. Why can not warn people about the danger," — declared the scientist.
He stressed, however, that much depends on the technical means of communication. Today it is really a typhoon warning of 12 hours before him, said Viktor Danilov-Danilyan.
Director of the Institute of Water Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences noted the increase in the number of anomalies and natural disasters around the world. According to him, this is due to imbalance of the climate system, which resulted in changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere — an increase in greenhouse gases.
"The fact that people are actively works on the land surface, in particular, he knocked out half of the forests. All this leads to changes in the hydrological cycle over land. Evaporation Those who carry out forest ecosystems, replacing them by any structures not provide. Since changing nature of the surface, it changes its reflectivity. This is also a very serious climatic factor, "- said the scientist.
Viktor Danilov-Danilyan reminded that today is the world's environmental policy, which is aimed, above all, to ensure that reduce human impact on the climate system. But they are quite inadequate, said the expert. Only when a person has a normalizing effect on the nature of the threat is removed. This problem can be completely solved in a hundred years, concluded the scientist.

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