Scientists do not have enough information on the rate of melting of glaciers in Russia

Russia needs to do some research and find out the rate of melting of its glaciers in the Caucasus and Siberia, which is currently unknown, according to RIA Novosti President Glaciological Association, Director of the Institute of Geography RAS Vladimir Kotlyakov.

"Glaciers are retreating everywhere now, somewhere more, somewhere less, each year in different ways. Exactly impossible, since we do not have a lot of observations. Enough attention to the problem, but few resources and insufficient observations and expeditions" — said Kotlyakov at the World Forum of snow.

According to him, currently underway in Russia regularly monitor the glaciers on Mount Elbrus, the Altai and Transbaikalia, on the ridge Range, but the rate of melting of the fundamental research was conducted.

"The Russian Geographical Society could provide a grant for such research, for the attention of scientists and the public. Glaciers provide water to the fields, many strategic rivers originate from glaciers," — said the honorary president of the Russian Geographical Society.

According to the scientist, 1.5 million rubles, which would highlight the RGS, enough for a small expedition.

"That's enough for a small group of people with scientific equipment. I think that would be most interesting expedition in Transbaikalia, the range Range, it is less studied and investigated," — concluded the scientist.

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