Scientists will be able to make contact with the UFO


U.S. scientists believe that extraterrestrial civilizations may share information.

As the Bakililar.AZ, University of Hawaii researchers believe that alien beings use to communicate are not electromagnetic waves, and the beams of one of the types of elementary particles called neutrinos. Thus, the scientists say, can be attributed to the futility of trying to catch earthlings alien signal by photons, which lasted nearly 50 years.

"We did not hear the voices of extraterrestrial civilizations, despite a long interstellar of radio listening, because" brothers on reason "is used for the transmission of information is not electromagnetic waves, like us, and bundles of one of the types of elementary particles — the neutrino," — said the scientist.

Note that so far all attempts to get the alien signal is based on the fact that the transmission of information must be conducted with the help of photons in the radio or optical range.

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