Scottish ghost

March 9, 2012 22:01

Hollywood directors like to make films about the paranormal, though they themselves before they were observed. However, they managed to drive into the human brain idea that different ghosts and phantoms do exist. To date, people sometimes do not realize they see on TV or reality it is still fantastic. Many of the inhabitants of the Earth are often recorded different funny moments on photo and video, and then review the materials and are often surprised by what he saw. One such incident occurred less than a month ago.

 February 12 couple, who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, has left on the car for the city. After a while, the distance between the city and the location is 15 km, the husband stopped the car to take a picture of his girlfriend on the background of beautiful scenery. The trip was successful and Michael, with Helen returned home. Then they decided to "look through" frames and a moment almost fainted from watching what he saw. The fact is that in addition to his wife in the camera lens looked humanoid creature. First of all, the newlyweds came up with the version on the defect, which is logical. After all, it is likely that the moisture chamber lens was present, so there was a defect. However, the following footage contradicted this idea, as there is at this time stood in another place, as if it should be.
After that, about this incident, they did not tell anyone, so that people would not think that a couple crazy. But after a few days of the identical phenomenon described the Internet user. In addition to Michael and Helen witnessed ghosts were residents of nearby towns of Aberdeen. Seeing the pictures made newlyweds living in a suburb of the people said that they observed paranormal about the same place.

Rumors of this incident quickly spread throughout Scotland, and then to the scene arrived ufologists. They conducted an inspection site and noticed that the conventional devices do not work properly here, so we can speak of the vibration energy activity. Until recently, people in Scotland claimed to have seen the Loch Ness monster. Now they can boast that they have witnessed the existence of ghosts. It is worth noting that this kind of paranormal phenomenon has been observed previously in Wroclaw. Only if a ghost was walking on one of the squares of the city.

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