Scouts of the Southern Military neighborhood and spend fighting ability in the criteria of mountains and forests

Scouts of the Southern Military District and spend fighting skills in a mountain forest terrain

Above thousands of troops for intelligence Field Army SOUTH Tarskoe at the site in the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania work out in the camp fee fighting ability in groups and in a single order in the criteria mountains and forests. In developing the skills used modern topographical navigation and control, and new means of surveillance and communications.

The focus is on the use of portable communication complex "Sagittarius", which is equipped with GLONASS. "Sagittarius" allows you to send the coordinates and the path of movement of up to three thousand meters.

On improved armored personnel carriers BTR-82A scouts SOUTH make regulations for shooting at targets on the move and from the place of tridtsatimillimetrovoy automatic gun and 7.62-mm machine gun, also pass regulations on driving cross-country.

Classes are held in the daytime, and at night.

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