September 22, 2012 — end of the world in a few hours!

I almost forgot to remind everyone that today or tomorrow, 21-22 September 2012 will take place end of the world. I congratulate you on this :-). No, of course there are people who believe that the outbreak of the sun, which will take place in a matter of hours, all the same cut down with all the electronics on the planet, but somehow to me it's little hard to believe. Sorry, not looking for much, but how many will be end of the world is concrete — not found. And that's what happened in such outbreaks in the past and threatens us than possible in this phenomenon — is invited to consult.
Today and tomorrow will be exactly the northern lights across the planet. And tomorrow, if you can plug in your laptop or PC and go to the site, so all is well!

Watch the consequences of September 22, 2012 solar flare

The space era of human history, it appears, has coincided with a period of unusually high solar activity, nicknamed the great high.

— Isotopes in ice sheets and tree rings suggest that such great solar maxima in the last 9,300 years was 24 — says Luke Barnard of the University of Reading (UK). — This is coming to an end, that is, indicators of the solar magnetic field soon fall, will reduce the number of sunspots, coronal mass ejections will occur less frequently.

— Reduction of the average magnetic field luminaries will lead to an increase in the number of galactic cosmic rays reaching the Earth's vicinity — predicts Dr. Barnard. — In addition, it is predicted that, although the decline in solar activity will lead to less frequent emission of high energy particles, flash will be stronger and will cause more harm.

And the end of his 24-th "great high," the sun will mark the most real "end of the world" — no light in the world. This is the prediction of other specialists from NASA. They prepared a report naimrachneyshy "Threats to space weather: the social and economic consequences." According to them, the solar activity at the end of this, of 2012, threatens global catastrophe. The reason will become geomagnetic storms of unprecedented strength, caused by the huge solar flares — the so-called coronal mass ejections.

— The consequences of sudden solar storm comparable to a nuclear war or the fall of a giant asteroid to Earth — says Professor Daniel Baker (Daniel Baker), an expert on space weather from the University of Colorado (University of Colorado in Boulder) and head of the Committee of the NAS, responsible for preparing the report.

Beginning of the End scientists promise very beautiful. 21-22 September 2012 over all the earth will flash bright and colorful flashes of the aurora borealis, which previously only admired people of the polar regions. It will be visible even in the daytime. Then break out "fireworks" of electrical discharges and sparks — like in a Hollywood thriller. Only much worse.

About 90 seconds on the planet passed out the light. And the first to be affected areas have been provided with electricity better than others. Further nightmare can easily imagine — we all life is based on electricity.

The Americans predict the deaths of millions of his countrymen in the coming year after the disaster. And paint a terrible picture: stop trains, elevators, industrial production, falling satellites, aircraft, stops water and heat. Flow refrigerators. Silent radio, no TV show, cut off communication … The end. There's no light. And will not.

Sudden changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth suggest a strong direct current. It was he able to literally burn the electric network is not designed for such loads. The most vulnerable elements — transformers. They quickly overheat and melt. Experts estimate that in the U.S. only 90 seconds after the impact will burn 300 key transformers. And without electricity will remain more than 130 million people. In other countries, probably will not be better.

— There is another danger — said Daniel Baker, — the so-called rolling blackouts. Energy networks in the continents are interconnected. And even the loss of any single node will lead to a cascade of failures. For example, in 2006 the banal off one of the power lines in Germany caused a series of injuries transformer substations across Europe. In France, five million people were sitting without electricity for two hours.




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