Severe floods in August held in tension in Asia

Photo ITAR-TASSHeavy rains and flooding caused by them in August of this year, continue to have the strength of many Asian countries and their inhabitants.
In eastern India the population of one of the districts of Orissa have adapted to living in extreme conditions. One of the women named Rinarani Odzhha, for example, recently gave birth right on the roof of his house, an island jutting out of the water district zalivshey. And there is nothing strange in the fact that the newborn daughter she named Bani, which in local dialect means "flood". It is not known how to react after his unusual name of its owner, but, anyway, it will always remind the girl on the extreme circumstances in which she was born.
According to the newspaper "Pioneer" for example Odzhhi bear on the roofs of their homes due to flooding are prepared at least 978 pregnant women in flooded flooding 50 villages in this Indian region. That so many women in the last stages of pregnancy there were now cut off from the world and from the help obstetricians. Their spouses, sitting on the ridge of the roof, along with their wives, feverishly nazvanivayut on mobile phones in hospitals and offices of emergency services. But most likely, the doctors did not sail to them, and will have to take birth by their husbands.
Alarming reports coming from South-East Asia, where, as in East India floods caused great troubles. In Thailand, the death toll from the disaster has reached to date, 224 people, the total number of victims ever closer to 3 million. As a result of landslides in parts of the country destroyed 123 roads and highways in the country, according to the Department of Disaster Prevention country. Flooded 1.2 million hectares of agricultural land. Experts have called the current flooding in Thailand, "the strongest in many years."
At the moment, under the water are 179 districts in 25 provinces in the north, north-eastern and central parts of the Kingdom. Ongoing from July rainfall in the country and struck at the beginning of August in Thailand tropical storm Nock-Ten caused flooding in 57 of the 77 provinces of the state.
The Department of Disaster Prevention issued a special warning for residents of the north and north-east of the kingdom on a new tropical storm lied, who will come to the north of the kingdom on Thursday after on Wednesday it will reach Vietnam.
Municipality of Bangkok still manages to contain the onslaught of water, which brings with it the north Chao Praya river. Deputy Mayor of the Thai capital Pornthep Tekhapaibun reported that the City ready to repel the disaster. However, he pointed out that in the area of special risk are residents of the eastern part of the capital. For example, two districts in this part of Bangkok — and Bangkae Minburi — already declared a disaster.
How many of these areas in neighboring Thailand, Cambodia, no one knows. In this country in August are filled with water for at least 15 cities and provinces, killing 164 inhabitants. Cambodian authorities argue that such a strong state is not seen flooding since 2000. As Thais, Cambodians blame their misfortunes all the same treacherous river Chao Phraya, which retreated from some provinces, immediately began an offensive to others. She rushed to the capital Phnom Penh, where the water level is steadily rising.

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