Sharks will threaten Primorye until September. MOE teaches tourists to fight back, but experts scare tropical worms

Sharks will threaten Primorye until September.  MOE teaches tourists to fight back, but experts scare tropical worms 

Sharks will departure from coastal waters to the south of Primorsky Krai in the near future — in September, when the water temperature drops into the sea, quiet locals and tourists scientists. In the meantime, after the recent two attacks on people predators in the Khasan district, Emergency Situations Ministry patrol the coast and teach swimmers how to fight off the sharks. At the same time, the World Wildlife Fund said that the main "horror stories" for tourists should not be the shark, and the danger of drowning in a drunken state or slowly die from invisible tropical worms.

Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Ichthyology, Far East Branch (FEB RAS), Ph.D. Alexander Sokolovsky Friday in an interview"Interfax"assured that soon, once the water is colder, the sharks will go to the southern, warmer sea. Experts do not see anything unusual in the appearance of predators off the coast of Primorye, as sharks annually come to the south edge of the middle of August — beginning of September, when the water is the most warm.

Deputy Head of the maritime center Primgidrometa Eugene Primachev told the agency that the water temperature in the south of Primorye in the middle of August is 24.2 degrees Celsius, close to the maximum temperature in the region over the past four years. According to weather forecaster, from 5-6 September the water temperature starts to drop and this month could fall by three to four degrees — to about 18-19 degrees.

Learned the details of the two shark attacks

As reported, on August 17 near the coast in the Bay of Khasan district in southern Primorye Telyakovskii sharkbites the hand25-year-old Dennis Udovenko, man also received multiple serious injuries hips and torso. The victim underwent surgery and now his life is out of danger. After a few days it will bring the treatment to Vladivostok.

As it turned out the newspaper"Komsomolskaya Pravda", Denis and his wife Pauline came into the bay Telyakovskii August 17. In the evening, the couple decided to take a swim in the sea. According to witnesses, the young men swam too far away, when the bank heard a terrible scream Dennis: "Shark!"

Predator attack lasted no more than half a minute. Dennis three times beneath the sea. He fought back, and surfaced again disappeared from the surface. Two men on a motor boat rushed to help the spouses, the only reason they survived.

As one of the men Sergei Torokhov, water within two feet were red with blood. First they dragged aboard her. Then the guy shouted that he gave his hand, but he growled that he had no hands. Denis helped to get into the boat, and then rushed to the Khasan district hospital.

August 18 predator off the island Zheltukhina attacked 16-year-Valeria Sidorovicha when he was diving for scallops. As told to "manual" eyewitness incident, the boy sailed about 20 meters from the shore, dive and suddenly began to cry hysterically, waving mask. Shark twice tried to drag the teenager on the bottom, but Valera strayed. To him there and then went and helped the boat out of the water.

In adolescents were torn muscles in the legs, but the tendons and bones intact. Experts believe that he was saved from death suit.

The boy was taken to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Vladivostok. As reported byRIA "Novosti"in the City Hospital N2, teen stable condition, doctors believe that he will be able to keep both feet.

Scientists believe that the two attacks carried white shark, but it is not known how many man-eating predators found off the coast of Primorye Territory. About articles on shark attacks, on Friday wrote"Headers".

After the first incident, local authorities imposed a temporary ban on swimming in the waters to the south of Primorye. Emergencies Ministry on Friday denied recent media information about the third case of shark attacks on humans. "Information about new incidents were reported," — said the press service of the EMERCOM region.

Rescuers patrol the beaches of Primorye, but vacationers messages attacks do not scare

On Friday, the private beaches Maritime patrol more than 60 rescuers with the police. In the most dangerous areas of the rescuers are monitoring the sea with the boat, told the ITAR-Tass news service of the main emergency department in the Primorsky Territory.

Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations on Friday reiterated its appeal to residents and visitors of Primorye, which is recommended to refrain from swimming in the sea, diving, as well as visiting the water rides. The report says that, despite the fact that new attacks are registered, swimming in the Sea of Japan off the coast of Primorye remains insecure to a full disclosure of all the circumstances of the incident.

As it turned out, Primorye residents and visitors are not scared of the authorities ominous warnings about the danger. The beaches are still full of holiday makers. For example, on one of the beaches of the Gulf Poset Khasan district, located near the site of the first shark attack, people go into the water, though, the depth of fear swim, preferring to splash in the shallow water.

As told ITAR-TASS one of the tourists, vacationers are afraid to go into the sea deeper than the waist. According to the woman, the tourists are trying to organize the monitoring of the sea: put the binoculars on one of the rocks of the observer, which is announced to be swimmers of predators.

It is learned that the police took the Primorye under the strict control of all alcohol traders working in the recreation areas, and threatens the most stringent measures for any violations.

"Given the current situation in order to reduce the number of" brave "to wrestle a shark to the outlets selling alcohol in the village, will take the most stringent measures," — said on Friday, "Interfax" police spokesman MOI of Russia for the Primorye Territory Eugene Sokovishin.

Man-eating sharks in Primorye decided to catch, but how to do it — it is not clear

Meanwhile, officials of Primorye denied widespread media reports beside the fact that they are willing to pay 100 thousand residents, who can catch and kill a white man-eating shark, attack a day of two people in different bays, said FridayRIA "Novosti"representative of the regional administration.

"Information about the reward for the capture of sharks — complete nonsense. Catching sharks — it is a huge threat to human life and health. We do not force anyone to risk their own lives," — said the official.

However, the administration did not deny that the man-eater decided to track down. Now experts are trying to decide how to do it. The issue was discussed predators caught on Friday in Vladivostok at the commission meeting on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and fire safety of Primorsky Krai.

Questions about the sudden removal of the threat posed by marine predators will specifically created operational headquarters, which will include representatives of the Primorsky Territory Administration, scientists, Emergencies Ministry and the police, according to ITAR-TASS.

Until the issue is solved, as dangerous to catch fish, proposed permanent monitoring of their movements from ships, boats. Their crews and owners invited to communicate timely information about marine predators.

Specialists in Primorye faced with the emergence of the white man-eating shark for the first time and while doubt the necessity to declare hunting for them, the researchers note. "If an animal — eater, it should catch. But how to catch exactly the shark that attacked a man who will say that it was just that she How to give legitimacy to this catching?" — Said on Friday"Interfax"The Acting Head of the Pacific Research Center (TINRO center) Yuri Blinov.

"If you need to send people to catch the sharks, I will need a written, legal justification, but no papers we have not received," — he added. Earlier it was reported that scientists do not have any special equipment to catch the shark. As emphasized by ichthyologists, hunting for sharks is difficult, you need to ship to major longline hooks.

MOE advised to beat the shark's eyes and gills

On the eve of the rescuers distributed a memo to holidaymakers, for details about how to behave in case of an attack of marine predators. "If a shark tries to attack you, it bounces from materials at hand. Try to strike the eyes and gills," — said in a memo.

"In order not to provoke the attack of a shark, do not go into the water, especially if you have the body there is a fresh wound or scratch" — recommends EMERCOM. You should not go swimming and fishing in places, as the scent of a wounded fish and blood can attract predators.

"Remember: the shark never attacks immediately. Before she makes a few laps around the interests of its object", — informs management.

Rescuers recommend seeing a shark, stay calm, do not make any sudden movements and try to slowly retreat to the boat and sail to the coast, reportsRIA "Novosti".

Shark can be dangerous even in shallow water, do not lose sight of it under any circumstances, to be able to take measures of self-defense, said EMERCOM.

Office warns that trying to swim away from the shark, which moves in the water several times faster than a man can only lose power. "Remember that panic can lead to tragic consequences," — noted the rescuers.

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