Siberian extremals almost drown in the Cook Islands because of sharks

 Catamaran Siberian travelers who commit a catamaran trip around the world, nearly drowned in the Cook Islands (Pacific Ocean) because of damage to one of the gondolas shark species cookie cutter, according to the website of the expedition, with reference to the participant Eugene Kovalevsky.

"At night catamaran began to sink because one of the gondolas of the vessel was rapidly deflate. Travelers spent all night, taking turns in the air pump, keeping the ship afloat," — said Kowalewski.

According to him, to the largest of the Cook Islands — Rarotonga had been close, and now the team is safe on the ground.

After a quick inspection of the vessel catamaran crew discovered a hole like her travelers have found a gondola while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

"Then the culprits were poor shark cookie cutters", — the report says.

On the island of Rarotonga travelers planning to meet with Prince Sam Napa, a member of the Polynesian Society London, the son of the queen. The same was expected to meet with the Queen and the Cook Islands.

Circumnavigation expedition "through the ocean to the Energy Diet" under the leadership of Anatoly Kulik started February 17, 2008 in Thailand. In the first stage the team consisted of two people on a makeshift inflatable catamaran they went to the United Arab Emirates and returned to Russia on a plane. Later, there were two stages Around the World, and in March 2011 completed the sailors go to trimaran nonstop across the Atlantic from Namibia to Brazil. It is registered in the Book of Records of Russia.

Siberians now to go more than 35,000 miles. They started in Brazil on March 30, passed along the Caribbean islands. Through Mexico catamaran transported overland to the Pacific Ocean, from the city of Salina Cruz catamaran out into the ocean on July 11. It is planned that the journey from Brazil to Thailand will last about a year.

For the final stage of a new ship was built, again, as in the first two stages of the expedition, this catamaran. This is also a ready-inflatable boat, its length is 12 meters long and 5 meters, weight about 850 pounds.

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