Sick birds can output healthy chicks

Zoologists from the University of Illinois (USA) found that the offspring of female patients of house wrens is healthier and more resistant to infection. On his American study described in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Previously, scientists believed that if the birds fell ill during the breeding season, they refused to breeding to the next period, when they get stronger from an illness, with full powers to do a sequel to his offspring. However, for some birds it turned the wrong way. So, for example, conducted an experiment with household Wren scientists have shown that the disease is not a hindrance to birds in breeding and extension of offspring.

In the experiment, the scientists injected into the blood of some female wren infectious strains, the immunity of birds to recognize the fact that the bird is sick and began response to infection. Such an unusual way, scientists would like to put the birds a choice: to multiply, or to cope with the disease and begin to breed until the next breeding season.

Surprisingly, all infected females still preferred the continuation of the species, and immediately made a new clutch. It should be noted that the number of sick birds laying eggs was not inferior clutches of healthy females.

Scientists are interested in the same question about what the chicks are born to female patients. Zoologists here waiting unusual result: as it turned out, the males of the "sick" clutches grew larger, and females had a more powerful immunity compared with chicks born at of conventional clutches.

Thus, scientists believe, the sick female wrens as prepare all their chicks to infections. Simply put, in this case, the disease is even parents for the benefit to be born chicks. Why, scientists have yet to figure out …

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