Snowdrops bloom in Krasnodar in the middle of winter

Midwinter in Krasnodar marked an unusual natural phenomenon — in the botanical garden of the Kuban State University because of the warm weather blooming snowdrops, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday Director Tatyana Yanenko garden.

Usually as harbingers of spring snowdrops bloom in early March. However, in the last week in the capital of the Kuban in the afternoon the thermometer shows a positive temperature, sometimes up to 10-13 degrees plus. And last Friday in the temperature record was broken in 1955: the day the thermometer showed plus fifteen plus 13.3 degrees versus 58 years ago.

"In January, in Krasnodar, as a rule, negative temperatures, and this year, the last two weeks of very warm … Yesterday snowdrops were in bud, and today out of hand," — said Yanenko.

However, forecasters expect that in the coming days, the temperature in Krasnodar will gradually decrease.

"Until the end of January in the afternoon still remain zero temperature, and in February is winter comes, the snow falls," — said the representative of the Krasnodar regional weather center.

According to director of the botanical garden, the snow is not terrible snowdrops: under the snow they can "live" for a long time.

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