Snowfall in New York were replaced with heat

Snowfall in New York were replaced with heatIn New York, established in November to clear unusual warm weather with daytime air temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, five degrees above the average for mid-November, according to the city meteorological centers.

Almost summer heat came just days after a blizzard, encased city dense white blanket, broken trees and power lines. The sun's rays back to life even autumn flowers, pouring light on the time of entering into the golden autumn city parks, like to dress up to the last parade.

New Yorkers dropped warm jackets and again took to the streets in T-shirts and light jackets, but on a week ago in the snow-covered lawn parks back sunbathing.

Migratory birds caught snowfall now in no hurry to part with the metropolis, hundreds fly off to the city lake. Flocks of Canada geese chubby filled waters of New York, pricking up airport security.

Commodity traders dropped the price of oil futures due to the warm weather and low market demand for fuel. The price of natural gas at the beginning of November fell by 5.5%.

Globalists have used warm front forecast to again raise the issue of the threat of global warming, arguing that during their childhood had such a warm November. Nevertheless, while in New York there was unusual, but not record-breaking temperatures — meteorologists say that the hottest was November 1950, when the air is heated up to the July heat — 29 degrees Celsius.

A record low temperature for November in the history of New York City was recorded in 1875, when the temperature dropped to 14 degrees below zero. In the last century the absolute cold autumn came in 1932, amounting to minus 9 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists promise that the heat will last in the region to 13 November.

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