Souls of the dead are stored in the memory of the worlds oceans

October 3, 2012 21:51

Scientists have deciphered the "chemical memory" of water

To a surprising conclusion reached by scientists from the Institute of Polar Research Alfred Wegener (AWI), published a paper in the journal Biogeosciences. It turns out that the water in the oceans, "stores" information about the living beings in it. A "remembers" the ocean by organic molecules, which are stored in water after the dissolution of the body of a living organism.

 — Water has a chemical "memory" to keep information about the organisms are in it as a single organic molecules — explains Professor Boris Koch. — And we were able to determine which organisms were part of these molecules and how long they were in the water.
"Catch" and managed to study molecules with highly accurate mass spectrometer, writes According to Koch, known as the chemical formula of each molecule and its atomic composition (percentage of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen), you can see what part of the body it once was. According to the scientist, this kind of tracks that can be reconstructed.
After the collapse of the organic matter in the water to single molecules persist for quite a long time. The phenomenon can not be explained so far: in fact, in principle, the organic molecules must quickly break down into water, CO2 and other gases. So on this mystery has yet to break his head. And certainly motivate researchers to the conclusion that the mystics saving of souls in the air — also in the form of molecules.

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