Special Edition — released Grishka

This time, the voice sounds Hryshko mostly solo, because it is very emotional talking about his prison experience of the prisoner by the KGB.


So I leaned back! Let's Meet!
I did not break, but I said, "Kaisa".
And I smiled at me saying, "Fear."
Friends, believe me, they are long gone.

Haze KGB torture chambers.
The American,
Richly prisoners in you.
The American,
You're the blue flame of the mountain.
No, do not forget fighters
Your walls.

It seems to me, that the state is in poor condition.
You broke the glass, you scream: "Revolt!".
The police, judges and prosecutors
Depend on any inadequate garbage.


Enter the sanctions, we are waiting for them very much!
After all, the authorities finally here ofigeli.
They are like children — nakasyachats, nadivachats
And hope that the adults will forgive.


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