Special project. Gypsy magic watch online

Special project.  Gypsy magic watch online
What do we know about gypsies? We know about them only that allow know. They are different from us at the gene level, 99% of their psychics. Why specifically at the moment, they have come together to flock to the exact same point on the globe? Why they are specifically in Russia? Why them so afraid of Hitler, Stalin could not tolerate, and past president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, according to the views of some, being one, was to expel Roma from their own country? Why they hide the truth, which is known for its gold and is considered the most terrible curse? Why we are afraid to even look them in the eye? Some data about the almost unexplored phenomenon in the history of mankind …

Mysticism, chernoknizhnichenstvo, hypnosis, psychics

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