Special Report. Back in the USSR


A special report on the phenomenon of the recently raised in the Russian society nostalgia for the days of the USSR. The authors try to understand why it is now subject of the Soviet Union has become so relevant and popular. What changes in our lives have contributed to this. Why do so many Russians, even those who are not living at the time and can not know from experience what life was like in the Soviet era, it is seen in the rainbow colors.

His views on the subject will share historians, psychologists, and simply those who well remembers the time. Experts will talk about what the "imperial mentality" and "post-imperial syndrome", and how these concepts are to the subject. In a special report as it will go and that is really been good in our Soviet past, which is really worth the regret and how it is consistent with calls to return "back in the USSR", which are distributed from time to time.

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