Spiritual Transition 2012-2015 — ENLIGHTENMENT OF HUMANITY

Today humanity is living in anticipation of the Spiritual Transition 2012-2015. Let us once more together, more in-depth look at this phenomenon, based on the secret, spiritual knowledge of Slavic tradition (Rodosvet, Alive, Yarga) and the scientific picture of the world, which gives us quantum physics and psychology. In modern times, they are so he as often speak of the same just different terms.

Thinking and Prover

At the beginning of our study will remind the truth that everyone knows, the practice of "Rodosvet": people — is part of God, the divine soul, which itself creates (materializes) the world around them. From our mental images depends our whole life. Therefore, how can we live this difficult period, 2012 — 2015 years, depending on how we perceive the changes associated with the spiritual transition. If we perceive it as a misfortune, then, of course, what our life. Man is always difficult to see the changes, because each of us knows how hard to overcome the habit. And, in order not to slip out of inertia in the negative, I suggest you go to the path of knowledge …

To confirm the tenets of Vedic Culture Slavic we rely on the idea of the founder of Rebirthing Leonard Orr and Robert Uolsona's "Psychologists evolution." At the time, Orr proposed new to the scientific world the idea that the human brain is composed of two parts: Think and prove. Thinker can think about almost everything. He may think that the earth rests on the backs of turtles, or that it was hollow, or that it is floating in space. Believe it millions. Comparative religion and philosophy show that I think can consider himself a mortal, immortal, both mortal and immortal (reincarnation model) or even non-existent (Buddhism). He may think that they live in a Christian, Marxist, Buddhist, scientific-relativistic or the Nazi world — and that's not all the options. For example, feminists are able to believe that all men (including hungry tramps who live on the streets) exploit all women (including the Queen).

If you think thought that the sun revolves around the earth, so Prover organizes perception — to confirm if they think will change his mind and decide that the earth revolves around the sun, Prover organizes the "evidence" in a new way. If you think thought that the "holy water" from a holy river or cure his illness, Prover will skillfully conduct signals from the glands, muscles, organs, etc., as long as the body will be healthy again.

Practice alive — says that creation is at the heart of the image and the energy (alive), which passes through it. But it is not as important as "what would have thought thinks Prover will prove." Thus, correctly and in harmony, to think, to understand the world — this is vital! Based on this, how do we understand ourselves and find a way to happiness?

Software consciousness

Different experience is a mystery as long as it is not open to explain the model. This model can not exactly explain everything, because nothing will ever match something exactly. Photography — the original, description — actually, map — terrain, which it describes. But, nevertheless, the model makes the experience more clearly. And so, the software of consciousness Homo Sapiens consists of four major parts.

1. Instincts. It is a combination of innate tendencies and aspirations of playing a motivational role in shaping behavior. It should be understood that they are "innately" — at the genetic level.

2. Imprints. More or less hard-coded program, which the brain of genetically obliged to take at certain points in its development — the moments imprintnoy vulnerability. In the terminology of "Rodosveta" and "Alive," they are called — imprinted negatively.

3. Conditioning. This unique program, which are superimposed on the imprint. They set a less restrictive and easy enough to change.

4. Learning (learning). Even more free and "soft" programs than air conditioning, to come to an artificially acquired skill or reflex.

In psychology, "Imprint" (pictured) — this is a meaningful experience or sequence of past life experiences that have shaped the person a belief or a whole set of beliefs. Imprinting (imprint) always includes the unconscious "copying" model the behavior of other people who were in this situation and occupied an important place in it. Falling under the influence of imprinting (imprint), people feel a certain internal limitations, hopelessness, failure, abandonment, worthlessness. That is, they do not live their and others' lives. This was true even of one man, but of entire communities and nations (the imprint of another world-belief). Therefore, without the spiritual practice, as an individual, or a group of people hard to "rise" above their own limitations and to "see" the new world. The first to do it, "luminaries" — teachers who show a new way and open Bole opportunities to others.

Limiting the power of imprinting

Imprinting — often compulsively remind us about yourself — fears or inclinations. But people carefully conceal the unpleasant events of the past, both from himself and from others, trying to forget or not be aware of. But, from this imprint not going away. If they do not work out, they will continue to limit (and sometimes, and destroy) rights.

Through the practice of "Rodosveta" we "live" and let go of them, to get rid of limiting beliefs, discover new strengths. This is not just because the primary imprint is always stronger than any subsequent conditioning or training. All our "imprinting" are an integral part of us and form the essence of man. Therefore, even if we see that our belief inharmonious and leads to our self-destructive, often ordinary people can not get rid of it.

In the infinite possibilities of life, strength and abilities — imprint sets limits that define the parameters and perimeters within which happens all further conditioning and training.

Rodosvet as modern psychology, argue that until the first imprint mind of the infant is "formless and empty" as the world at the beginning of Creation. This can be compared with the state — "enlightenment" clear (Samadhi). But once the image of the first imprint, enlightenment disappears, it's similar to the way out of the void begins to appear a certain structure (form).

That's what caused the child's consciousness creates imprinting "mind", the ego — the form that produces mental form and becomes a prisoner of … himself, in his own mind. Since man is identified with this structure, in a sense, it becomes her.

Every successful "imprinting" complicates the software "brain" that determines our perception and we perceive as "reality", "space options," "reality-tunnel" or "map of the world," as it is called in modern psychological and esoteric systems — NLP Carlos Castaneda Transerfing reality Simoron etc. Thanks to all our thinking is thinking — Mind, proving (Soul), and automatically shows "squeezes" all the signals in the "border" they came up with "reality." Therefore, there are real world as a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, capitalism, socialism, etc. All this is in fact only — models describing reality and this reality they are not very similar. A war — it's just some people trying to "physically" to impose their view of the world.

How to make so that there were no wars, suffering and misery? To do this, let's go back to the Vedic culture, and directly to the Slavic, as part of it.

"Scenery" games to life

According to the principles of Vedic culture is Slavic can be perceived in terms of body, soul and spirit. At the level of the body, and the perception of "normal" consciousness, all of us and the surrounding reality — various objects and subjects. Hence the opposition and suffering. But the inside of each — the soul, the foundation of which the Divine Spirit. The initial self-luminous particle, which in the Slavic tradition called — Jiva (divine spark, Atma). Pocono Family God (the basis of Slavic native faith) teaches that souls at all of us — the people, the people, Gods, beings — all of us … brothers and sisters. That is, in fact, between us — the "war", but there is one big game of Maya (Lila), in which our souls are cultivators, and to know yourself. In particular, there are no disasters and the "end of the world", it is just a "decoration" of the game Life.

It should be remembered that there is a third level — the level of the Divine Spirit, where all of us — a whole, the entire Spirit of God (Dyv, void, Shunya etc). That is, in fact — we are all one, and if we begin to think at the level of the Spirit of God, then we can very easily change the reality and back together to create a new golden age, the world of love and justice.

This can also be called the game of the mind — the same think and prove. But we can say that it's not … It's not so simple, because the physical reality, in fact, is subject — our soul and the spirit of God in it! This shows great "uncertainty principle Geyzenbe? Pra" in quantum mechanics (details see on the internet). This principle argues that the observer (man) and the observed object (surrounding reality) are the same.

When some scientists wanted to prove that the light — this piece — the photon, they clearly proved this experimentally. At the same time, another group of scientists proved otherwise: the light — it is a wave of energy. That is, each group of scientists — "created" the reality, that, to see that they have been set up in this way. This is clear proof that every living creature "creates" the reality around him.

The mystery of the Spiritual Transition Year 2012-2015

So, the conclusion to which we are: spiritual and physical connected and mutually influence each other. And all of this, that, or another, related to the energy and information. Here lies the clue Spiritual Transition 2012-2015 year.

But first, some of the information …

Have you noticed that today, all the processes in the world, and especially the information processes are repeatedly accelerated …? Earlier in the multiplication of information twice, needed millennium, in the late 20th century — for years now, and in the period 2012-2015, we will reach a state where the information in the space multiplied by 1 day, hour, second — and then the spiritual transition happen anyway universally enlightenment.

We have already explained that the observer is associated with the observed object, that is, we affect the world (universe) and the universe affects us. With this information the jump will move to the Bole high level of consciousness and the creation of the world.

Already now there are powerful civilizational transformation processes.

They are associated with the release of the old limiting beliefs, this old scientific and religious systems, is a complete rethinking of being at the level of man and nature, man-man, man-God. The main feature of the transformation is that some people — clean your body, improve your mind and go to the spiritual path, while others are concerned only with his own body and profit. Therefore, universal Enlightenment (Quantum Leap) will affect different people in different ways.

With the transformation of people just start living in different "realities", someone will be in this "reality", and someone will rise to the other, a higher vibration. "Zamaterializovanye" souls who could not get rid of the old dogmas (primitive scientific beliefs, traditions, religions) to act at the level of three-dimensional space — latitude, longitude, and altitude. Higher, inspired person having faith in yourself and Veda (a clearer understanding them) — take away the energy of time, will be released in four and five-dimensional space. This will be the Spiritual Transition — Planetary Enlightenment.

Spiritual Transition 2012-2015 will be made due to the fact that the "subsistence" spiritual knowledge in their various manifestations, is expected to peak. First Spiritual Transition of possible vysokoosoznannyh shower and peoples. That's what works for this generic Ohnište Native Orthodox Faith, the Academy of Human Development "Rodosvet" conducted training Givet, Rodoladu, Yarge etc. I believe that thanks to us and others, that the Slavic lands will have enough enlightened people who will be the "core crystallization" and carry out a kind of spiritual revolution — the transition to a new morning Svarog (Satya Yuga, the Golden Age).

Today, the Almighty says: "Slavic family — is destined to be saved (Text) of mankind," and the basis for a new "sixth race" and be it! This process is long running and rapidly coming to an end — Spiritual Transition.

What will happen is you, first of all depends on what did each of you your own personal spiritual transition as you clean spiritually and physically from the imprints of the "old model", that is how hard and consciously engaged in spiritual practices. Rodosvet, Alive, Yarga and other practices will show you way …

Vladimir Kurowski

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