Stork stayed

Why the bird settled in the center of Minsk, if long had to fly to warmer climes.
Not long ago, "NG" wrote about storks, built himself a "flat" in Gomel alongside humans, right on the busy street. But this case does not seem to have such an amazing, compared to what our newspaper correspondents saw in the center of Minsk. Ornithologists consider it a rare phenomenon for the city. And the citizens see this as a natural phenomenon and, and good sign for the capital: if nmax, which symbolizes peace, tranquility and laughter of children in the home, stay here for the winter, then all will be well, more importantly, help the white bird to survive.
For a few days in the capital walking stork. Most often, they see a bird in a park near the Opera House. Why is the winged symbol of our country did not go to warm countries, and this is a fancy place like a theater-patched? And most importantly — how to help him? After all, soon will come the cold, and then the stork just can not support themselves in an urban environment.
— With questions like these come to us dozens of Minsk — the young and the elderly. Residents of the capital concerned. They call and the MOE, and Minsk City Hall, demanding respect for the bird — a symbol of Belarus. But to help stork is not as easy as it seems — says the expert organization "APB ptushak Fatherland" Olga Lukshits. — When a wounded bird wing, it is usually caught and sent to the zoo. But the stork will not hurt. If we send him to the zoo, it just flies away. However, it is difficult to approach the bird: she immediately flies to another location. In general instructions on how to act in such situations, there is none of the interested parties. And this is a real problem!
According to ornithologist, stork single settled in this place, because here he is as old. Specialist asks passersby not to feed the birds, otherwise it otvyknet independently produce their own food.
— South stork will not fly away, perhaps because something is sick. True, it is apparently behaves like a normal bird — looking for the cause of an unusual Olga Lukshits. — Most likely, the stork is old and weak, so it should not take the pack. About these "rogue" goes a lot of legends. However, in reality it is not necessary to grant wild birds human characteristics: it is a normal natural selection, which always happens in nature. But to leave in the lurch stork course not. We will monitor the situation. And try to save the bird, beloved by all Belarusians.

Animals and birds who wanted to become closer to the people

Businessmen, who were traveling on business in Grodno, near Oshmyan stopped for a snack. Conveniently located in the nature, the travelers began to lay out the food, when suddenly out of the forest came two brown bear. Men immediately rushed to the car. Departed, they saw the delight with which the guests tuck into urban forest gifts.
In the summer of the Kiev Zoo flew crowned crane. After a while the bird was caught, but not before she had time to create an emergency and landed on one of the busiest thoroughfares of the city.
Biennial peacock escaped from the zoo in Central Park in New York climbed to the ledge high rise building on Fifth Avenue. Beautiful bird, who did not want to fly for several hours, admiring not only idlers, but also about 900 users Twitter. A similar thing happened with cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Fortunately, she and Peacock returned safely to his home.
The young emperor penguin, and a family lives off the coast of Antarctica, lost his way and suddenly reappeared on the coast of New Zealand. He was found the locals on the beach. After seeing the bird, the experts came to the conclusion that she is completely healthy. True, the penguin pretty tired. After all, he had to overcome a long distance — more than three thousand kilometers.
In search of a female polar bear ice floe drifted at sea without a stop of about 700 kilometers. This way the animal took nine days. Because of the huge exercise swimmer pretty thin. Scientists have not experienced such phenomena and had no idea that the polar bear can be found in cold water so much time and show such stamina.
One night at the hospital in Moscow Semashko moose wandered. The guest was found in the morning staff medical facilities. The animal was walking calmly, not showing any aggression. It turned out that moose entered here through a hole in the fence.

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