Storm warning because of storm cyclone announced on Sakhalin

Storm warning announced in Sakhalin in connection with the cyclone from the Yellow Sea, which is expected on Tuesday, will come to the south of Sakhalin Island and bring heavy rainfall, told RIA Novosti on Monday Sahgidrometeotsentra representative.

"Day on October 23 in southern Sakhalin expected to be very heavy rain, the evening of 23 th and the next day on the river water rise by 0.5 — 1.5 meters. 23 in the evening and at night on October 24 in Poronajskiy Smirnykhovsk areas and expected very strong precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow, wet snow, "- said the source.

According to RIA Novosti, the representative of Russia's EMERCOM in Sakhalin region, due to the passage of cyclone disturbances in the work of transport, energy and other economic facilities. Residents of the southern areas should limit travel outside populated areas for the duration of warning. Residents of homes in the immediate vicinity of the rivers, should closely monitor the rising water level, if necessary contact the security department. Tour groups who are on the routes, and hunters and fishermen should wait out the bad weather in the settlements.

The expected natural hazards brought to the heads of municipalities. The situation relating to the passage of the cyclone, is controlled by the duty shift of the Center for Crisis Management (CMC) MES of Russia in the Sakhalin region.

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