STRC Southern Urals: Sinkhole in Chelyabinsk

Dangerous road to the house. In the center of Chelyabinsk crumbling asphalt. Residents on Kirovka already tired to complain. Requests to the management company to solve the problem remain unanswered. Communal services offered to tenants to resolve the issue yourself.

The facade of the house by Kirovka familiar to all. Here is the zero mile of Chelyabinsk. Year and a half ago in the courtyard of the building put new asphalt. This summer, he has cracked, which quickly turned into a pit. Residents appealed to the housing office. Responses came immediately: this is not the responsibility of the housing office. The only thing they were able to help — put a symbolic fence.

After an unsuccessful dialogue with ZhEKom residents tried to contact the management company "Remzhilzakazchik." But the move came to nothing lead. They were asked to solve the problem yourself. "Why is it only a matter of tenants, if we pay for it? Communal whole, including for repairs" — is perplexed Love Korovin, a resident of the house. "I have to officially write a letter and a housing office, and" Remzhilzakazchiku "and the administration, — says Alexey Syreyschikov, the tenant house. — We have a letter, all registered, but officials did not say a single word.

Almost five months, the problem can not be solved, and the pit continues to grow. "The children run, play, and ride there bikes, soccer race. God forbid, something happens," — experiencing Apananskaya Galina, who lives at home.

Residents at a loss. Where to go on, do not know. Winter is not far off: the pit may snowing or worse, formed ice.
Vera Vyatkina Nina Pyreva

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