Strong smog over London could affect the well-being of the Olympians

 Heat and easterly winds will remain in London before the Olympics and could provoke a strong smog over the city, which in turn can affect the well-being of athletes, British newspaper Guardian referring to the experts.

Competitions Olympic Games 2012 begin Wednesday football match between female teams of Great Britain and New Zealand. Opening ceremony of the XXX Olympiad will be held on Friday, July 27.

"Athletes are particularly vulnerable to this kind of pollution (smog is formed by mixing the sunlight of the surface layer of oxygen and various man-made contaminants such as exhaust gases). Fact is that if you exercise they inhale large amounts of air. Certainly, pollution can affect their performance on race day, "- said the expert on air quality at King's College in London, Gary Fuller (Gary Fuller), quoted in the report.

According to scientists, the strongest of all may suffer from smog members of "Endurance" disciplines like marathon, triathlon, cycling race over long distances.

According to the environmental protection department of the UK (Defra), which results in the publication, now in the Olympic Park, which is part of the Olympic Village, the level of pollution is recognized as a "moderate" and on a scale of six points. However, even at the level of pollution in the seven points, Defra recommends that residents of the city to reduce physical activity, especially outdoors.

British fans, like the newspaper said, due to the current environmental situation concerned the results of Saturday cycling, which will attend Mark Cavendish (Mark Cavendish), claiming the gold medal.

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