Tajikistan is unprecedented heat

Dushanbe, July 7. Tajikistan pinned unprecedented heat. In nearly all regions of the temperature these days does not fall below 40 degrees. Forecasters have already analyzed the situation: now much hotter than in years past.

Moreover, the precipitation in winter and spring was not enough, so the soil moisture starved, said MTRC "Peace." "In some regions, there are signs of drought, particularly in the southern Khatlon region and even in some central regions is not enough moisture," — says the head of the state agency for Hydrometeorological Hydrometeorology Jamil Tajik Baydulloeva.

Townspeople from the heat escape, how can: hide in the shade of trees and fountains, many do not leave the house without a hat and fan. However, there are anomalies in the current weather and the pros. Collection of cotton this year, will probably start for 10-15 days before. And in some southern parts of the country, farmers will leave the plantation at the end of this month. Good harvest is expected — 400,000 tons. This is 90,000 tonnes more than last year.

MGTRK "Peace"

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