Tatiana Seviarynets complain to the Prosecutor General and the KGB detention center

Mother arrested in the KGB detention center policy Sevyarinets Paul is trying to get a meeting with his son, or at least that he passed the necessary medicines.

Tatiana Seviarynets said that on January 31, wrote a complaint to the Deputy Attorney General, for the answers of the Prosecutor General's Office on her previous complaints it considers offensive bureaucratic runaround.

She is furious that her last appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office sent to the KGB detention center — again in the same institution, where she refused a meeting with the prisoner's son. Thus, says Tatiana Seviarynets, expect a positive result is not necessary: in the KGB detention center it is said that a meeting with the family can be resolved, but it depends on the decision of investigators the case of mass riots in Minsk on December 19.

In his latest appeal Tatiana Seviarynets demands that her writing was informed of the specific measures taken, but not limited to the reports of the transfer of documents to authorities.

Another complaint Tatiana Seviarynets wrote in the KGB detention center. According to the single sheet received from Paul, he did not receive medication, which she gave him another 5 January. Mother says outrageous policy is relevant to the health of prisoners.

Tatiana Seviarynets says that specially came from Vitebsk to Minsk to get a meeting with his son, or at least that he was given medication. January 31 to be picked up the next pass to Paul — warm clothes and other necessary things — but the mother is not sure what it all really give Paul.

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