Ten questions for which science has no answers

September 9, 2012 8:06

Unfortunately, science knows much more. But this is not a weakness of science, and its power. Before you make a withdrawal, the researchers carefully examine the facts. In this regard, it has not yet received answers to a number of fairly simple questions

But we must remember that science is not at all responsible for our "Why is this happening?" She always answers the question: "How is it going?" But sometimes these things are connected. We bring you the 10 most famous mysteries of science, which she still can not (and perhaps should not) explain.
A single signal from an alien civilization.

In 1977, Jerry Eman was shocked when he received a radio signal from space. Explain it with some already known physical reasons could not. He suggested that he had received a message from extraterrestrial civilizations beyond the solar system. His joy and he expressed shock, leaving the box with the record comment, "Wow!"

Subsequently, the signal and christened. "Wow" occupies a small range of frequencies in the 1400 MHz. Conclusions of its unique nature was soon confirmed — almost all signals of natural origin had a significantly larger range of frequencies. Later, it turned out that the source signal is very difficult to calculate.

At this point, many people began to expect the other signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. But nothing like that has been fixed. Over time, the number of enthusiasts and decreased gradually reduced to zero. After 30 years, the arguments in favor of a signal from extraterrestrial intelligence left. But it was still not known.
Country Route "Pioneers."

Space probes Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, launched respectively in 1972 and 1973 completed their long journey through the solar system, but scientists are still paying much attention to the ancient cosmic wanderers. This is despite the fact that Pioneer 11 has lost another 1995. The fact that the two space probes for unknown reasons, greatly changed their routes. At the same time, they are mysteriously stuck to their designers intended direction.

Worried about the physicists and astronomers have tested the computer errors, the impact of solar wind and fuel leaks. Now they are trying to put forward new hypotheses "autocratic" behavior of the spacecraft — until the mysterious influence of "dark matter".

Female orgasm.

Some scientists have hypothesized that the female orgasm — something rudimentary — because he does not actually need to multiply. Other participants in the debate even believe that a woman's ability to orgasm can bring it to the idea … to live entirely without men.

Several researchers suggest that orgasm helps women interested in sex, and thus increases its chances of getting pregnant. However, it is obvious to all that the female orgasm — a psychological phenomenon rather than an individual. How this mechanism came from our ancestors and reached peak in female homo sapiens, remains a mystery.
Dark energy.

In the past, most physicists believed that the expansion of the universe slow down over time. However, in 1998 it was found that their conclusions completely incorrect — the universe is expanding at a constant acceleration.

One possible explanation is that in space there is something called "dark energy", which is expected to be three-quarters of the universe. Dark energy is very dispersed in space and interacts with other objects only through gravity. The impact of this energy "stretches" the universe. Currently, however, the dark energy has not yet been found. So scientists can only say that it "should" be.
Speed of light.

According to, the theory of relativity, the speed of light can not be exceeded. With this in mind, the physicists decided to try to do the impossible and achieved results. In 2000, researchers from Princeton, New Jersey, missed the faint pulse of laser light through the gaseous cesium. The momentum was moving so fast that it was gas-filled chamber is about 300 times faster than he "trusted".

Currently, there are a number of explanations for this experiment, but many believe that it is no more than a scientific case, and no reason to review the findings of Einstein not. Nevertheless, this remains a mystery in some ways inexplicable.

The placebo effect.

When checking the drug should be the control group subjects — because the results of the experiment have anything to compare. Normal volunteers, in which an experiment, get the medicine, and the control group — the so-called placebo.

Placebo — a pill or liquid that looks like medicine, but does not actually contain any active ingredients and, therefore, can not in any way to influence people — at least, chemically. Both groups of subjects believe that they are taking medication, and both groups are expected to experience the effects.

However, the group has adopted a placebo, often has the same effects as the people who have taken this drug. This amazing phenomenon known as the "placebo effect" is not limited to drugs. Most people experience the "placebo effect" during the day in various ways.
Cold fusion.

When atoms collide with enough force is nuclear fusion. During synthesis, releases massive amounts of energy. All accepted scientific theory of the universe tell us that this is only at very high temperatures — similar to the kernel of the Sun (where the hydrogen atoms create helium).

However, it is believed that the universe can not be seen with such simplistic positions. Experiments conducted by the Air Force United States have found that if you miss a voltage between the electrodes of palladium, placed in heavy water (that is, the combination of oxygen with the isotope of hydrogen — deuterium), there will be a nuclear fusion. Palladium atoms are relatively rare and heavy elements are organized in a crystal structure that makes the electrodes. For reasons that scientists are still unable to identify the atoms of deuterium in heavy water move into palladium electrodes, and Next, connect, releasing a burst of energy that accompanies nuclear fusion.
However, due to lack of understanding of the principle of the technology, scientists can not yet get cold fusion in a commercial application. Many suggest that during the experiment was made a mistake. Nevertheless it, if we assume that cold fusion is still
There, the response is very good at solving all energy problems. Many scientists are eager to study this phenomenon, not only for the sake of the revolution in science, but also to create a vital technology.


Yawning usually appears as an indicator of fatigue or boredom, but people know that it also occurs in other situations. For example, weightlifters and sprinters sometimes catch myself yawn around serious training or competition. Title, which is found not only in humans, often inexplicably "contagious." If someone near you yawns, then this is a clear sign that you will soon join him.

One of the functions of hypothetical yawning refers to the accumulation of carbon dioxide. However, on closer inspection it is not appropriate to account for all cases of yawning. In particular, the phenomenon of "contagion" of the phenomenon.

Dark matter.

All objects attract each other and the more mass an object has, the greater its power of attraction. However, the mass contained in the universe of matter, from the point of view of physics, obviously larger than the mass of its visible objects.

To find an explanation for this phenomenon, physicists have proposed the hypothesis that the so-called "dark matter." It is not visible and can be fixed only by its weight and impact on large visible objects. If it exists, it is most of the universe

Most scientists utverdayut that dark matter is made of the theoretical substance called MACHO and particle WIMP. MACHO (massive astrophysical compact halo objects) are thought to be made of normal matter — that is, atoms and other particles we are familiar. It is predominantly black holes or brown dwarfs, which can not be seen, but can be fixed by their gravitational properties.

WIMP is composed of smaller particles than atoms. They are made of the so-called nebarionovoy matter. According to the findings of modern physics, WIMP pass through normal matter, and probably get through you right now. And yet, despite the fact that the dark matter is supposed to be there in abundance, astronomers and experts in particle physics has definitely managed to fix or MACHO, or WIMP.
What was there before it was after?

There are many theories to explain what happens when the end of the universe or that preceded its occurrence. But we do not have to be expert in quantum mechanics to understand that this theory requires very strict experimental verification. Scientists are trying to implement it once — for example, to study the cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the Big Bang.

On some issues, we may never be able to answer, no matter how hard it may invest in science. Where do we go when we die? What is the meaning of life? And finally, what is life? Here are questions that troubled the night the greatest minds.

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