Ten Russian publishing houses passed FSC environmental certification

Ten of the approximately seven thousand Russian publishing houses passed environmental certification FSC, which started in 2010, told RIA Novosti deputy director of the Russian office of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Tatiana Yanitskaya.

"Now, ten printers are certified: six in Moscow, the other in the Leningrad region, Sochi, Tver and Yaroslavl. Requests for certification are, and we hope that the 2013 number is at least double. For many printers, this condition to maintain their customers as part of a Western company printed handouts only certified paper "- said Yanitskaya.

According to her, the most popular print products with FSC logo are business cards. Followed by the annual reports of large companies, the publication of environmental organizations.

"For comparison, in Germany and the Netherlands, the number of certified printing more than 650 in the United States about a thousand. In these countries is a common fact that, for example, half of the books in the bookstores is printed on certified paper, and the logo on the cover is FSC", — Yanitskaya noted.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, FSC) — an international organization that has created a system of confirmation of environmental and social responsibility for forest management. FSC logo on wood or a product made from it — an indication that the product comes from a forest that is environmentally and socially responsible forestry.

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