The aliens start terror in the Urals?


Yekaterinburg ufologists believe that in 2008 the Ural swamped with unidentified flying objects.

— Abnormal activity increases around the world, — the coordinator of the group of Sverdlovsk UFO Alex COMPANIES. — A Ural — one of the most anomalous zones, so there is increased activity manifested particularly clearly.

The last large-scale wave of UFO was recorded in the Urals in 1988-1992 years. According to experts, ufologists, these phenomena are usually accompanied by negative changes in the consciousness of the masses of people, reports RIA "New Region". With regard to the Chelyabinsk this hypothesis, by the way, explains why the organizers of the memorable "Chelyabinsk Maidan" failed to maintain control over the course of the picket building SOA and pensioners blocked traffic in the city center. Adverse change in consciousness, nothing else!

UFO Hunters expect new material for research, and can — even the new technology. In late May, ufologists will meet in Yekaterinburg Ural first public conference on anomalous phenomena. It is assumed that the conference will bring together experts from all regions of the Urals Federal District, as well as from the Perm region and Moscow. Also invited cosmonaut Marina Popovich and head OONIO "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov. Thread one of the reports speak for themselves: "Expert estimates of the probability of a new" wave of UFO "in 2008."

Cyril GRANDMOTHER, based on RIA "New Region"

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