The area of forest burned in the park Lena Pillars increased 8 times

 The area affected by forest fires in the National Park "Lena Pillars" of 480 square kilometers, compared to 60 square kilometers, recorded last week, said the Engineering Technology Center (ETC), "RDC".

According to the "RDC" on August 2, a fire destroyed 60 square kilometers of forest. As explained by the RIA Novosti spokesman Hope Pupysheva, fire after August 2, lasted at least 3-4 numbers. In addition, recent data on the area of forest burned derived from a much more accurate images.

"According to satellite data received from the unit on August 7 SPOT 4, determine the area of burned area in the Nature Park" Lena Pillars. "Area affected by the fire, was about 480 square kilometers. Fire in the central areas of the park operated from late July to early August" — said in a statement.

According to the FFA on Tuesday morning, in Yakutia are 14 forest fires in the area of 2.4 thousand kilometers.

National Park "Lena Pillars" is located in Yakutia, on the banks of the Lena River. The unusual name of the park was due to the vertically elongated ridge of many kilometers of Cambrian limestone rocks — rocks that formed 500 million years ago. This year, the "Lena Pillars" were included in the list of World Heritage Sites.

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