The bloody battle of psychics: the Tver backwoods white mage destroyed the black magician, and then tried to break itself into pieces

October 22, 2012 20:15

The bloody battle of psychics: the Tver backwoods white mage destroyed the black magician, and then tried to break itself into pieces

Correspondent "KP" plunged into the world of rural thriller, and realized that in a bloody clash between villagers paranormal itself features a leg break [EXCLUSIVE "KP" + MANY PHOTOS]

 "Satan — Satan's death!"
Ignashovka village, a remote little village in Ostashkovskoe edges, encircled unapproachable, magical forest, in early October, has become a place of mystical thriller, macabre murders, massacres of local healers, or as it was known, sorcerers and shamans Shalashova Harris.
70-year-old mystery with an ax and chopped up call for a few times was stabbed in the heart .. Killer nailed to the doorframe note (spelling preserved): "I have this to him for his son's revenge, which brought damage and died. And then I was brought damage, for the fact that I treated people for free. And he's Satan — Satan's death! "
Assistant wizard, the St. Petersburg builder, had witnessed the massacre of his guru, he ran out of the house and called to 02:
Harris Petrovich hacked! Save, this Serial Killer grenade, now all of us will blow up!

In this house, and killed a healer
Photo: Alex clubhand

From Ostashkov to Ignashovki — 50 kilometers. Upon arriving in the fall — a burden for SUVs. For holes, ruts, fallen trees and swamps of this land of forgotten people and not frightened loggers operatives were only in the evening on the outskirts of the village. From the forest to meet them ran mad, bloody people:
— Guys, take me to the city!
In response, the men bound him in handcuffs and taken to jail. The prisoner was a "colleague" who was killed, 47-year-old Alexander Sergeev (we changed the name, until the detainee has the status of a suspect — Ed.) Healer in the village, located 120 kilometers from Ignashovki.
— I am a white mage, and he's black witch! — Until now raging in the chamber healer Alexander. — It energizes people! He sent a spell on my family! Satan — Satan's Death!
In Ostashkov investigators say that this murder will not remember. And, so far, can not explain — what actually happened.
— He came to Shalashova, said he wanted to treat his back. Then he left and returned the next day. With a grenade, said, "found behind the stove" … snatched the cover of the RGD-offensive, and demanded that the healer took from his family spoilage. Then grabbed an ax and began to beat him on the head. Shalashov fell, but that was not all — the suspect repeatedly struck him in the chest with a knife. Then he wrote a note nailed it to the door, and he ran into the woods, "explode", with a finish like … Local heard an explosion in the woods, but exactly where it happened, we, so far, not been established. So he ran out of the woods alive right into our hands. Leg had been damaged, said — blast. Nothing serious.

The head of the investigation department Dmitry Ostashkov Kochanowski sure without psychiatric expertise in this business can not do
Photo: Alex clubhand

— Given the fact that the detainee during interrogation explained that killed this man in connection with the fact that he had brought upon him damage and mental state of his health is in doubt, the case is assigned a psychiatric examination, which will decide on his sanity — explained "Komsomolskaya "the head of the investigation department of interdistrict Ostashkov Dmitry Kochanowski. — Are currently under investigations aimed at collecting evidence in the case.
A sound in the distance axes loggers …
When fifteen years ago in Ignashovku guests from Peter, a former paramedic, gray-haired man with an unusual name Harris, local treated him with suspicion.
— What he needed here, in our solitude, strange it all .. — They were whispering.

Harris was Shalashov paramedic and became a healer

And it's true — places in Seliger, where, usually, developing are visiting from Moscow and St. Petersburg people enough. Better than Ignashovka, places. With roads, shopping, proximity to the lake, marina, with many attributes of civilization. Another matter Ignashovka.
— We have to pay for the light — 15 kilometers to go, the bread and food for seven miles with backpacks go, mobile phones are not working, that's entertainment — listening to how teams are cutting away the forest, — Tamara M. has become a local, long ago My husband and I moved here from Peter to help his father on the farm.
But, soon, ignashovtsy (there are only five people) understood that the arrival of Harris in their favor.
— He engaged in healing, massage done, banks put to him the crowd began to arrive, and my wife helped her back healed, for free — with gratitude ignashovets Alexander Khrustalev. — How to take the other — I do not know. But earning like normal. Winter is a tractor hired to here from the highway road to clean, and that in fact we have the edge impassable …
Shaman, both eyes began to call his local, was a man of enterprising. Brought the dish and the Internet was in the village. Created the page on the web and there appeared advertising his services: "To seek the amazing results with clients Petrovich Harris manages through an integrated approach with the use of two unique methods of treatment: Psychic (bio-energy) effects on the human body and the physical effects with a vacuum gauge therapy ".
And treated — the massage, banks, medicinal herbs and bio-energy. Easier — was the standard psychic, so to speak.

In Ignashovke Harris Shalashova called sorcerers and shamans

— For us, he did not do anything wrong. Son treated his back — massage and banks set with potatoes, and alcohol. For us, he did not cast a spell, but his back to heal. His first card was like as a psychotherapist, and then became a chiropractor card — good-naturedly laughing Nikolai Ivanov, who had to be understood in the final battle of village real psychics.
He recalls how went into the house, saw the body of a sorcerer, a bloody ax, a knife, and, unwittingly, the cross:
— No one deserves such a death …
When I left Ignashovki (yes, there and then — only by foot) local remember that ten years ago they killed a family — elderly man and his wife.
— The soldiers did, of Novgorod region (the village is located on the border of the Novgorod region — Ed.). Fled the part, looking as old, that's old robbed, killed and wood body had stopped …
The second murder, even for a couple of decades, for ignashovtsev too much. Aboriginal woman villager Tamara looked at me with bright blue eyes and whispered — "I'm afraid …".
"In the madhouse of his slain, turned into a vegetable!"
Over 120 kilometers of Ignashovki, in micro-village on three courtyards, behind a high metal fence lives healer wife Alexandra, suddenly turned into a killer. Her name is Love. The yard will not let a woman, but agrees to talk. She is scared and constantly asks:
— Now that Sasha will be? In the mental hospital he stabbed drugs turn into a vegetable …
She now believes that her husband, after a psychiatric examination, declared insane. Although it is said that he behaved perfectly normal.
— He provided our family, forests cover transportation, household, good … drink at all, but the booze did not go once a week, the drinks, the next day leaves, then a week keeps. Then again he may fall. But recently there was no disruption. As baptized in August — was to hold.
Baptized Alexander specifically for healing to do. Love says — a gift from him, hands, and avoid touching the person, almost any ailment could be removed.

Love is afraid that her husband is now crammed the healer lekartsvami
Photo: Alex clubhand

— People said that pomogaet.Chtoby engaged in healing, he always had to be baptized. Wanted to be treated free of charge, without any personal gain.
A year ago, on October 15, in the family happened to the mountain — died in this crash son Boris. Alexander, who was in the car as a passenger, survived, and, since then, always blamed himself for what happened.
— He had that day for somewhere to go. He said — if I did not get a ride Borka — our son is alive and would have stayed.
— Where he got the idea that he was a healer on your family and brought damage to blame for the death of her son?
— I do not know where he took it, but … it seems that the grandfather was a … Well, maybe it's bad, bad about the dead do not speak, but the grandfather asked Sasha even bring young girls. They say he will treat them, and they will pay the price … and even I asked him to bring it. Maybe Alex was angry at him, and for this?
— Why would he even went to him, back to treat?
— No, probably. He wanted to learn a little healing. I do not know what really happened between them there …
Indeed, what could have happened between the two healers in the "Battle of the Psychics"? White mage killed black? We are not in fantasy. Killer jarred proposal to bring the girls? Then where do the damage and the victim's son, who was killed by a shaman and have never seen? Or father. vinivshego himself in his son's death, there was really blurred and he persuaded himself that his family cursed witch fame of it was word of mouth passed down throughout the area …
Explain his action can only healer Sasha himself, but he insists: "Satan — Satan's death". I would like to say — "The investigation will figure everything out," but that's just here, perhaps, "the devil break a leg."

once in Ignashovke had 100 yards. Now only live five
Photo: Alex clubhand

Nikolai Ivanov had to be understood in the house of the healer
Photo: Alex clubhand

In Ignashovku magic will not get — you have to face the reality of impenetrable
Photo: Alex clubhand

Tamara's grandmother is afraid to live in Ignashovke — two murders over two decades is, by local standards, much
Photo: Alex clubhand

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