The cases of rabid animals attack in Belarus

According to the National Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health at real risk of infection for the first half of this year were 760. They clashed with the animals that rabies was later found by laboratory tests. Save the life of these people managed through timely initiation of treatment. In January-June 2011, the means for rabies turned 11 thousand 334 people. Most of the people attacking wild and domestic cats and dogs.

In July, unfortunately, was still registered one death from rabies. Woman bitten by pet cat. The hostess did not immediately pointed out that before her pet fox bite victims.

Rabies — a fatal disease caused by a virus that affects the central nervous system. Usually, human infection is through the bite and penetration of saliva into the wound infected animal. And dangerous not only bites, but scratches: animal licking paws, claws is therefore sufficient for the infection of the virus. You can become infected and diseased animal carcasses razdelyvanie, as this may cause injury.

The incubation period in humans is on average 30-50 days, but may last for 10-90 days, in some cases — more than a year. In animals, the duration of the incubation period — from a week to several months, and sometimes years. However, for 5-10 days before symptoms of the disease, the animal is contagious. The virus in the saliva of an infected animal there for 1-7 days before the first clinical signs of disease.

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