The center of Russia at the weekend will be under the care of an anticyclone

Weather at the center of European Russia at the weekend and next week will be stabilized and warmer than normal, possible precipitation and fog, said the Russian meteorologist.

As the meteorologists at the weekend and during the week for the CFD will be dominated by a anticyclones, atmospheric pressure is consistently above normal.

"The probability of only slight precipitation, mostly drizzling nature, and is not without fog. Average daily temperature remains positive and exceeds the norm by 4-4.5 degrees," — said the meteorologist.

In the coming weekend of the CFD will be under the "care" of a powerful anti-cyclone, the center of which will slowly drift to the south of the district. Against the background of high atmospheric pressure weather stabilizes night the temperature will drop to minus 6 — plus 1 degree day expected minus one — plus 6 degrees. Sometimes not excluded small drizzling rainfall, at night and in the morning mist and fog are expected.

On Monday, on the north of the region to the east will be moved next Atlantic cyclone and its atmospheric fronts "zadenut edge of CFD and will bring some variety to the weather," according to the forecast. Thus, the air pressure will drop a bit, the wind strengthened west quarter, slightly more prominent place will be the draft. Temperature conditions will not change significantly at night around minus 4 — plus 2 degrees, day 0-6 degrees.

On Tuesday, the weather in the CFD will determine re-establish an anticyclone, air pressure will rise again. The place is also possible light precipitation, night and morning fog. Prevailing temperatures at night from minus 3 to plus 3 degrees, day 0 to 6 degrees Celsius.

"In the second half of the week, according to preliminary estimates by 1-2 degrees can be cooler in the rest of the weather will not change," — said the weather center.

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