The center of the Pirogov had surgery with circulatory arrest

Yuri Shevchenko photo from NMHTS them. Pirogov


Unique operation carried out by Academician of the RAMS Yuri Shevchenko and a team of cardiac surgeons NMHTS them. NI Pirogov. In record time — 3 minutes 50 seconds — without cardiopulmonary bypass file deleted the huge (more than 3 cm) with an infected vegetation leaflets with his subsequent plasticity.

After a serious car accident and a long stay in the intensive care and neurosurgical departments in the community patient is 24 years old enrolled in the National Medical Surgical Center. NI Pirogov with septic valve endocarditis in critical condition, according to the Ministry of Health website.

"Taking into account the effects of severe traumatic brain injury, serious damage to the lungs, heart attack, pneumonia developing heart surgeon, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences Yury Shevchenko was made the only possible solution in this situation: to perform surgery on a beating heart without cardiopulmonary bypass in a short stop of the general circulation and Cooling the brain, "- said the agency.

Within an hour after the operation the patient was transferred to spontaneous respiration. At the moment, his condition is satisfactory. The patient is in the center of the complex rehabilitation.

It should be emphasized that this is the first in the world medical practice surgery on the heart valves in infective endocarditis, carried out using the technique of circulatory arrest time and executed in a short time — less than four minutes, making it possible to save the patient's life in the most difficult clinical situations where traditional surgical practice not applicable.

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