The collapse of the euro zone in 2012. It seems that issue has been resolved

The collapse of the euro zone in 2012.  It seems that issue has been resolvedIt's not a special revelation of the fact that the discussion of the future as part of the elites occur behind closed doors. In the early stages they can be made available to the general public only in this case, if there is a severe split the elite, although at this stage from time to time something may say seasoned analysts. But then begins the subsequent stage — when a certain decision is made, it must be done for ordinary society. Only after this stage, you can begin to institutionalize it — in the unlikely event the effectiveness of such actions will be very low.

So here, it is possible that the EU elites are now just at the transition from the first to the second step — in the next part of the discussion of the fate of education.

Note that for the assessment of the situation with the prospects of the zone euro and the European Union did not have to be particularly insightful spices — prepyadstviya here, as they say, were visible to the naked eye. Another thing is that the range of possible solutions is so large that the estimate is from them, which in practice, is virtually impossible. Again the same — there is a large enough group of "concerned friends" who try not to let the solution to the problem came in the other direction either. Someone, for example, lust at any cost to save the euro, others, on the contrary, ready to accept the output of individual states from this area, but would not support the standard of living of their people in a kind of not very low level at their own expense. There are other options that, in general, not necessarily transfer — the essence of this case is not changed.

In other words, now has a place and a conflict inside the elite, and the need to prepare people for various controversial choices. And in such a situation to watch very carefully for leaks in different disk imaging. And they, of course, happen. Here and in the old days, in an interview with German newspaper Bild, one of the five economic advisers to the German government Beatrice Weder di Mauro said in no uncertain terms that while the collapse of the euro zone in 2012 will be "bad option for everyone involved," it can not be completely ruled out . She also warned that if the monetary crisis swiftly to stop, it could lead to a recession in Germany, the economy will fall by 0.5% and trigger a rise in unemployment. In the end, she clearly said, as Germany plans to fight the backlog in the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain), "a country with huge debt levels should provide long-term program from overcoming the crisis."

On question, who povinet euro in decline, Weder di Mauro said that some countries have made a hand to it, creating a very large debt, the banking system is also not left out. At the moment, considerable horror, that the debts they can not pay. Markets are nervous at the moment, and politicians do not do very much. "If we will take the pact of debt and stay together, so that the stabilization euro, significant losses are expected. In the unlikely event that the consequences and costs are incalculable, "- she said in an interview.

As usual, read how specifically one can to overcome the crisis, has not been told — well, so it does not matter. The above interview — it's not actually the information is — a leak and attention given to basic message is not on, and for additional details. More or less understandable it can be translated as, naturally, we are aware that the situation can not be saved, but read of it as a fait accompli while it is impossible. We recognize that the consequences of the crisis may be languishing, and hint at it, and then — who has ears, let him hear. And that all this clear, we just talk about that for everything to be perfect, you need to make thing to do just will not work.

It all looks pretty dark and cynical, but the options are not — as I have read in the past year have all realized that the little old versions of life and the economy does not change, but the new one is not yet invented — that have to outline all of old times in the models: in this case, the collapse of the eurozone. The fact that it can not contribute, no one generally does not believe it is already beyond the standard options that are considered professionals and politicians.

So realize the New Year revelations of German professional can easily enough, there's just no answer question that did in fact happen in the euro zone, and of the European Union. One can, of course, throw Greece, Spain or even Italy from the euro zone, but question with the current level of the population that still does not solve — to increase the debt no longer work, and the other method is to look for means to stimulate demand and has not been invented. This means that the socio-political model of the EU, which for today's membership, that for the "truncated" — will not work.

And why politicians, including German, saying "A" (that means for the maintenance of the southern states of Europe in Berlin and Paris is no more), do not they say "B" — in other words the lack of money and the maintenance of their own people — so far is not clear.

On a theoretical level, one can imagine that just this question has not yet emerged from the first stage described first article, in other words in the discussions are private. But different kinds of information that comes from behind closed doors, as smooth and indirect, says that the change model of Western elites are not ready. And mean while they will just increase the flow of disk imaging of the inevitability of the collapse of the euro zone, and then the European Union and, later, to make it all into practice. For more complex operations, they are not yet ready.

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