The collapse of the Soviet Union, millions of lives in exchange for freedom and independence

The collapse of the Soviet Union, millions of lives in exchange for "freedom and independence"

On the collapse of the USSR adopted read as a bloodless, relatively peaceful event. His views on the independence of the singers all over the CIS, the crash USSR do not regret any minute, because what came out in December 1991, was a more successful version of an imminent divorce. They say they go on another matter and try to keep Moscow Alliance, the multi-million dollar man 'victims would not be avoided. Is bloodless the collapse of the USSR and so there was our peaceful divorce, as he is trying to present numerous anti-Russian propagandists, and right behind them and ordinary advocates of independence in some former Soviet republics, including those who are categorically against the incipient reunion?

It is significant that the peaceful collapse of the Soviet Union recognizes the nature and emphasizes the official historical science, most CIS states, as priklnnyh of, and not very much. A bloodless destruction of one country and the fact that it has become a boon for saving her people, on the "strange" coincidence love to read and Russian liberals. What still common in Russian liberals and historians of esengovii to revel in their own Square? The answer is, we must assume is obvious: the one and the other deeply repugnant to our homeland powerful, both are trying to downplay the significance of all that is related to its image, and the main object of this belittling become Russian.

With all of this particular negative evaluation the collapse of the Soviet Union to this day and is not given by the Russian state, which, incidentally, continues to be the official successor of the USSR, its historical continuation. Around the collapse of the country's problems last public debate, in which there are "definite plus", "achievement", which might not be possible, do not fall USSR. On the tragic collapse of the Union of all members of the Russian government openly declared Putin alone, at least remember his famous words about "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century." It seems that the position of a person on the main issue for the latest stories simply defines the moral essence and its real ideological affiliation, putting everything in its place. Non-recognition of the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest catastrophe that resulted in a string of catastrophic events, shows or narrow-mindedness, or an anti-Russian bias of personality — everything is simple.

So, the answer eulogisers disintegration of the country, dream of continuing division, and say a few words about the "bloodless" disposition divorce Russian republics. At the end of last year on the website pochetaemogo online publication material was placed on the measurement of the consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union from the standpoint of real human losses. According to the views of the publication, the number of victims of the collapse can be estimated numbers from 100 thousand to 600 thousand people. Please take into account direct losses that occurred during the military conflicts in the territory of the former Union: in Transnistria, Karabakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Tajikistan and Chechnya.

The creators of the material are turning their attention to the appalling number of victims of these conflicts, leading soft-spoken numerical comparison with the results of similar events in world history:

The loss of some civilians in conflict

The collapse of the Soviet Union, millions of lives in exchange for "freedom and independence"

The number of dead and refugees (internally displaced persons) in armed conflicts on the territory of the former USSR

The collapse of the Soviet Union, millions of lives in exchange for "freedom and independence"

100,000 died in the conflicts in the former Soviet Union — is only officially confirmed the loss that occurred outside of any hesitation. Taking into account the fact that the conduct of adequate statistics in the same Karabakh conflict was complicated by the chaos of the last stage, corresponding to that war. In the course of this conflict are known cases of mass death of civilians. Besides Karabakh action known by the fact that they participated in a great number of so-called soldier of fortune, the account of losses in the middle which also causes huge problems. Special attention is given and the question of losses in the middle of a civilian population, which continues to be very painful for both sides of the conflict and the chances of having a ghostly clearing.

Evaluation the actual number of losses in the conflicts in the post-Soviet space is a difficult task even for in all these conflicts typically is that they do not have a clear start and end dates. For example, a researcher Vladimir Mukomel in his work "The demographic impact of ethnic and regional conflicts in the CIS", analyzing the effects of the first Chechen war, the conflict begins to count down, and, as follows, and the account of its victims, since 1994. After the signing of the Khasavyurt agreements, a period of anarchy, the account of the atrocities committed in Chechnya, and not kept. So Makar, an adequate assessment of the victims in the middle of the Russian population of Chechnya is quite impracticable. The researcher of this issue Sergei Maxudov notes that in the period between 1989 and 2002, the Russian population of the republic has fallen from 300,000 to 20,000. How many of the 280,000 Russian fled from the country, and how many have been killed over the years, it is very difficult to present.

If we are to assess the direct losses arising from the collapse of the Soviet Union, there is so much controversy and insurmountable difficulties that already read about the assessment of indirect losses, which may be even more terrible than direct military. The collapse of health, stop mass production, rampant crime, the dominance of the imported product venom, full alcoholism and drug addiction, and despair that struck millions of ordinary people — all these phenomena resulting from the collapse of the country, could not but affect the health of people with the most disastrous and rob thousand, if not millions, of lives … This present value "of freedom and independence," which are so adored read Russian liberals and some historians of esengovii.

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