The crocodile lived in the garage

The case in the state of Washington — Crocodile in the garage.
Meter crocodile conveniently located in the garage and was clearly not happy to see the real owner of his "new home". Death frightened woman called the Control Service of the animals, and sent her home specialist. When Mike Nicholson, officer, looked into the garage, the crocodile began to hiss and strike tail, but Mike quickly to deal with it and took the exotic visitor to the local animal shelter.
"I call him Charlie — said Mike. — He is about 8 months old, still very small. Cool guy! I hope he will be fine in the shelter. "
Mistress of the garage has no idea how it was a crocodile. Rather, it is the work of her friend, who briefly rented the house and kept the crocodile in the garage, and when he left, did not pick up — state laws are not allowed to keep the home of crocodiles, and its owner, it is likely he did not want trouble.
Veterinarians examining Charlie, said that the crocodile has not eaten for about two weeks and have collapsed, though still was set very aggressive towards others. However, biting raw chicken, it is noticeably kinder.

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