The decline of market socialism

How to evaluate the anti-crisis plan of the Belarusian government experts? Many predict that the Belarusians will face hard times — the reduction of part-time work and so on. How the new situation will defend the rights of the population?

Candidate of Economic Sciences Goncharik, which its time led the official trade unions, confident that the standard of living people will be decline:


"That does not prove necessary. After all, it should be out of the government program. On the one hand it is not complex measures. On the other hand, they are not designed for real protection of workers. And it is — a fact. "

On the question of whether, in this case, wait for the protests, Mr. Hancharyk says that there are two important points:

"A lot depends on workers in large enterprises, such as tractors, motor. They cajole power. And there is more demand for their products, so they have some reserves for pay increases.

It will all depend on how the government will keep the price. After all, the government attempts to raise prices of housing services and the other lead to the fact that the standard of living goes down. As long as there is somewhere a month or two for people to feel what happened. "

Nearly about the same time — a month or two — the patience of the people, if the government will not make radical steps to improve the situation, said the chairman of the Minsk city and union official unions Nicholas Belanovsky. Last Friday, at a meeting of the National Council on Labour and Social Affairs, he suggested that "public confidence in the Government will continue until mid-August, that is, to a significant increase in costs associated with the start of the heating season and preparing children for school."

Today, in a conversation with the "freedom" he said after the program he developed some hope. And so we must see how the authorities to act more specifically:

"On the one hand, we have the most interest in the protection of the real production sector as the basis for correcting the situation. On the other hand, we discussed with employers, protection of low-income (students, seniors, mothers with children) must necessarily be. And our government has adopted a proposal in principle. And we will move to equalize incomes. After the loss — they are obvious.

Yes, we criticize the government. But we understand that now need to consolidate efforts, and not satisfied with the confrontation. "

The official trade unions will not go beyond the statement, said Goncharik:

"I do not believe in the official trade unions, unfortunately. The fact that they supposedly give the government some time — it's all words. They have no right of action. Jan hesitant and fearful.

As I was not criticized, but we were not very compassionate to the government, to the presidential administration to the president. Something is trying to do. And now — the silence. "

Constantine Skuratovich

An expert in the field of social problems, PhD Constantine Skuratovich recalls that a similar program has already been prepared in 1993:

"And everything was painted by maturity — it translate from communal to private ownership, it is — aktsioniruem etc. And the process has begun, and as a result hundreds of thousands of people were on the street. First of all, with research institutions, enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

When will it be now, the change of owners, of course, will have the result that the state of a lot of people get worse, and the social status of their decline. "



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