The development of UAVs Watch-600 is suspended

The development of UAVs "Watch-600" is suspended JSC "RET Kronstadt" stop the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) large range "Watch-600, "said" AviaPort "project director of unmanned systems enterprise Vladimir Voronov.

"Company no plans to further work on the project UAVs "Watch-600." This is justified by the fact that the Defense Ministry does not fund research and development, and for the costs of testing and fine-tuning are very significant, "- he singled out.

Voronov said that creating "Watch-600 ", the company planned to bid on the UAV large range in case it is declared the Defense Ministry.

The interviewee stressed that "RET Kronstadt" has made a promising distant drone, created a system management, company ready for flight tests, a set of clear and specific load drone motivated, but need guarantees return of the enormous costs that have to be incurred on the tests, operational development and production preparation. While no such guarantee, and no investors for the project.

"UAVs"Watch-600 "is a multi-functional complex analogue of the South American Predator, which is held up to 85% of combat operations drones" — said Voronov. According to him, "Watch-600" on the design and weight of the load motivated can be used as a combat shock complex.

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