The fires have destroyed more than 60 square kilometers of forests in the reserve Lena Pillars

More than 60 square kilometers of forest burned in the park "Lena Pillars" (Republic of Sakha — Yakutia), according to satellite data, reports Engineering and Technology Center (ITC) "RDC".

"On the Nature Park" Lena Pillars "continue to operate forest fires, which began in late July. Total area burned area on satellite data obtained on August 2, is about 63 square kilometers," — said in a statement.

The largest center is located about 130 kilometers south-west of the city Pokrovsk and 30 kilometers south-east of the village on the right bank Sinskaya Lena River.

Despite the smoke, which people feel Sinskaya, located on the opposite, the right bank of the Lena, a threat to settlements and economic forest fire there, experts "RDC" based on satellite monitoring data.

In the south of Eastern Siberia for over a month no precipitation, and stored hot weather with temperatures up to 34 degrees. Awarded the highest fire situation, the fifth grade. Roshydromet specialists in the coming weeks to change the situation is not predicted.

In Yakutia, there are 17 wildfires on an area of 2.347 hectares. Half of them — in the forest area. Five fires localized to the area of 277.6 hectares. For the past day liquidated six wildfires in the area of 13.1 hectares.

National Park "Lena Pillars" is located in Yakutia, on the banks of the Lena River. The unusual name of the park was due to the vertically elongated ridge of many kilometers of Cambrian limestone rocks — rocks that formed 500 million years ago. This year, the "Lena Pillars" were included in the list of World Heritage Sites.

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