The first active ecohouse goes on sale in Finland in two years

HELSINKI, December 24 — Reuters: The first active ecohouse of wood, designed by Aalto University architectural students to go on sale in Finland in two years, said the head of the university research center Kimmo Lulukangas (Kimmo Lylykangas).

Active House itself produces a certain amount of energy, a little higher than its yearly consumption, as opposed to passive houses, not generating electricity, but have low energy.

"We have just signed an agreement to two years to produce a model for commercialization. University will design and realization of industrial Finnish company will Lapponia House", — told reporters Lulukangas.

It is assumed that the price per square meter house, which was called Luukku, be 2600 euros, with an area of houses 120-150 meters, which, according to the designers, is a competitive price in the Finnish market gardens and country houses.

"We are planning several size options at home. Addition, will also be developed variant of low-rise houses," — said the architect.

The house itself can produce both electrical energy through solar panels, measuring 60 square meters, and thermal — with the help of solar collectors (5 square meters), in which the material is heated, coolant.

However, the house is connected to the grid in order to give back surplus electricity on sunny days, and the lack of take on cloudy.

House made of pine, and can be operated in cold Finland, and the hot southern Europe, tests have shown that in the summer of 2010 in Spain, said the architect.

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