The first museum snow leopard appeared in the Altai Mountains

 The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia has opened in the Altai Mountains is the first museum dedicated to the snow leopard, it is expected that it will be very popular with tourists, told RIA Novosti press-secretary of the Altai-Sayan branch of WWF Russia Tatiana Ivanitskaya.

According to her, the museum snow leopard appeared in the village Inegen Ongudai District.

"This is the first tourist destination in the Altai this kind, dedicated to one type of animals … The museum is in the form of the traditional home of the Altai — ail, inside and outside is decorated with children's drawings, felt paintings … with images of snow leopards, photos … In the museum films about the snow leopard and the best marathon of-competition "Land of Snow Leopard" — said Ivanitskaya.

Since this rare species included in the Red Book of the predator is one of the symbols of the region, the museum is expected to be very popular with tourists. In addition, environmentalists hope to use it to draw additional attention to the preservation and restoration of the snow leopard.

"The location of the museum snow leopard is not accidental. Argut basin in the Altai Mountains — is the most suitable habitat for snow leopards in Russia. Previously lived here largest group of snow leopards in Russia, which numbered about 30 individuals. Unfortunately, 80-90 -s of the last century, it was almost completely wiped out by poachers. Recently we were able to film in these places the two surviving predators who were named Vita and Hook. We look forward to the valley Argut and hope to restore this group of snow leopards, "- she said.

According to environmentalists, the river valley Argut — almost ideal place for snow leopard in Russia: there are many deer and Siberian mountain goat on which hunting leopard, very little snow in the winter, and the slopes are steep and difficult mountain ranges. To save the survivors Argut irbises WWF in partnership with a number of environmental organizations and local ranchers plans to step up efforts to combat illegal fishing looped to prevent the death of a snow leopard. According to experts of WWF, the organization of an effective group of potential snow leopard on Argut can recover up to 15 — 20 years.

Snow leopard (ounce) is an endangered species. The Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and was awarded the first category — "look, which is under threat of extinction at the limit of the range." The total number of snow leopards in Russia, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, is no more than 80-100 individuals, most of whom are concentrated in five key groups in the south of the Krasnoyarsk region, Tuva and Altai Mountains. In the Altai Mountains, according to WWF Russia, there are about 30 of these predators.

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