The first week of September in central Russia will be warm and rainy

This weekend at the center of European Russia are cold, frosts are possible on the ground, but the next week in the region will be warm and cloudy and rains will come, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"The weather during the week will be moderately warm and fragile, with the rain, mostly light, sometimes moderate," — said in a statement.

But on the weekend, September 1 and 2, because of the arrival of cold air from the areas of Novaya Zemlya and the Kara Sea will be cold: at night the temperature will drop to 1.9 degrees in the northeast of the Central Federal District on the basis of possible weak freeze up to 1 degree below zero.

On Sunday, from west to areas CFD approach atmospheric front, clouds become denser places will be light rain. On Monday, the region will begin to enter the warm and humid air masses that have formed in the Atlantic.

"Daytime temperatures will appreciate its comfort values — on Monday it is from 15-20 degrees in the northeast to 20-25 degrees in the south district. Patchy rain will not do without" — said meteorologists.

Tuesday and Wednesday in the CFD will warm Atlantic cyclone and temperatures rise by 2-3 degrees. Places likely remain sunny.

"On Thursday and Friday, will affect the influence of atmospheric front cyclone and rain can get in most areas. They slightly decreased daytime temperature — will be 14 to 19 degrees in the north to 17-22 degrees in the south," — said in a statement.

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