The foreign ministers of Germany and the UK: Confronting Lukashenko

The world is watching with growing horror at how the past eighteen months the Belarusian regime ruthlessly and systematically trying to dismantle the civil society and the opposition of a newborn at home, writing in the pages of The Wall Street Journal foreign ministers of Britain and Germany, William Hague and Guido Westerwelle.

Guido Westerwelle

They call for action: "At the next meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Committee, we urge the EU to re-impose strict set of sanctions against Belarus and consider other measures against Lukashenko's regime. We can not close our eyes to the fact what's going on Today in the sister country in Europe. "If Belarus turns its back on the world, it would be the worse, say the authors.

William Hague

The EU is ready to expand cooperation with Belarus in exchange for further progress towards international standards. "In November, we have extended the EU sanctions against Belarus, but chose to suspend them, to see how the elections will be held December" — the authors write. But the evening of December 19 dispelled the illusion of tolerance and exposed the true face of Lukashenko.

"We are determined to take measures against the Belarusian regime" — the authors write. At the same time they have assured that they will have more support Civil Society in Belarus, and when this country wants to "get back in the wider European community of nations", will take it with open arms.

The full text of the article in The Wall Street Journal later on our website

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