The Fukushima radiation surge

The Fukushima radiation surge

At the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan halted the clean-up of radioactive water from a sharp rise in radiation.

Energy company TEPCO said radiation levels rose in just a few hours after engineers began to water treatment.

Experts fear that the 110 thousand tons of radioactive water into the sea may leak and contaminate it. Such amount of contaminated water is enough to fill 40 swimming pools for the Olympic Games.

This water was pumped at Fukushima to cool the reactors after the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan in March. It is the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl explosion in a nuclear power plant in 1986.

According to the latest reports, the disaster killed 15,280 people. About 8 500 000 people were still missing.

Speaker of TEPCO says engineers are trying to determine the causes of the sharp raise the level of radiation to resume work on water purification.

"The level of radiation in the device, absorbing cesium, rose faster than we expected", — said the speaker.

Simultaneously, TEPCO sure that they will quickly find the reason and it will not last the week.

BBC correspondent BBC says that the problem of radioactive water — this is one of the most important steps for the company TEPCO to resolve the crisis at Fukushima.

Three reactors that were damaged after the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, plan to "stabilize and close" until January 2012.

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