The healing power of the Sphinx

February 10, 2013 20:02

At the end of 1995 were held radiestezi-cal research methods radiestezii gizeh-ray Sphinx. Experienced specialist passed with a "magic wand" around the temple in the Valley of the pyramids of Chephren and give opinion on the Great Sphinx, forming part of the ensemble.

Sphinx. Photo:

Measurements showed (confirming the results obtained by Dr. J. Oberbahom), the Sphinx and the Valley Temple complement each other, and the Sphinx is located at a certain axis radiation. It seems that the image of masculinity consciously placed on the same axis of the radiation to the pyramid of Khafre.

Particular conclusions

| From under the paws of the Sphinx out power lines of positive and negative fields. One can imagine these fields as a stream, gives energy, and the flow of it away.
| Between the paws of the Sphinx is a neutral zone. If be exactly in the middle between the legs, you will feel the energy boost that comes from the lion's body.
| If you move up the name of the axis in the direction of the pyramid of Khafre, then go out to the mark set by the ancient Egyptians — the temple with a pyramid.
| If we take her back to the Sphinx, you will feel that you encircles the spiritual energy that is called Kundalini in India, and in Egypt, called the uraeus. If you possess the appropriate sensitivity, you will get a shock effect on the chakras, especially on the head.
| If we turn to the Sphinx face, then after a while will feel tremors in the frontal chakra, and the coccyx. Some of the subjects that were not previously instructed reported mild fever, shivering and spread downwards.
| Further tests showed that the frequent changes in these provisions there is no effect, because, obviously, in this case the effects cancel each other mutually.
| Another discovery astounded the group at the end of December 1995 was engaged in solving the mystery of the Sphinx: inside the building, apparently, there were two sources of water. One of them was clearly identified as a healing. Was this source is known in ancient Egypt, was not determined. But radiestezisty argue that this source could provide bathing near the temple in the Valley of the pyramid of Khafre, as it may sound extravagant this statement for all who believe that the field of pyramids was a cemetery.

The columns in this temple say transverse axis on the way to the Sphinx. Radiestezisty believe that such an arrangement could not be accidental. Thousands of years ago, it took care of experts in their field. In any case, it is impossible to answer the question of how to function this building, when the Nile flowed directly from its base, as at present, the river receded for good half a kilometer, and the vacant space has been built up.

Is Sphinx supplied the vital and generating energy and takes it away?

What was so important and beneficial to the public, it could be for the priests, ascetics problem. With absolute certainty is impossible to recover the situation, as deciphered papyrus still lack the proper instructions, but dowsers were able to note the points at which there was the opposite of the Sphinx expected: instead of adding vitality and increase the potency due to being there is their relaxation!

For the priesthood that could serve as an important tool to maintain internal equilibrium and chastity. Regardless of whether this was done deliberately procedure or a side effect of the daily ritual prayers before a small statue, but the resulting outflow followed unwanted energy.

Egyptian interests of the middle (as well as most of today's tourists) were different. These people could be helped by a sphinx at Memphis.

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