The Kaliningrad botanical garden blossomed trees

Unusual for the month of November is observed phenomenon visitors Botanical Garden in Kaliningrad. It bloomed white lilacs and hazel released "earrings" alder, swollen kidneys quince May.

"The calendar is not like the last month of autumn, and the height of spring, according to the" behavior "of plants ranotsvetuschih" — not without sadness in his voice says the director of the Botanical Garden Tatiana Yakovleva met by ITAR-TASS.

Phenology Education Yakovlev managed botanical garden in 1974, and over the almost 40 years could not remember "such a mass of unusual and unfamiliar phenomenon of this period." "Buds, flowering time which occurs in the spring, you have to be a long winter" coats "and" sleep ", and they, on the contrary — swollen, produce green leaves, flower, even started to grow new shoots in some bushes"

Visitors to the Botanical Gardens, of course, happy, enjoying the fruits of this unexpected meeting with the spring in the autumn months. But Yakovlev, as well as all employees of the Botanical Garden, natural anomaly sad. "Plants may not have time to prepare for the winter cold, which are inevitable, and with a sharp drop in air temperature will suffer, and that, God forbid, of course, will die," — she said.

Director of the Botanical Garden hopes that cooling will not be sharp, "would rather have zero temperature was." Meanwhile, the mercury on the thermometer does not fall in Kaliningrad day below 10 degrees Celsius. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, this temperature will be observed until at least November 12.

The Kaliningrad Botanical Garden has about 3 thousand names of plants, of which about a hundred — ranotsvetuschie plants.

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