The largest cucumber grown inhabitant of Belarus

The length of the garden giant almost two meters. Unique record — the work Mozyr pensioner. If the well-known song of the crickets were the size of such "ogurechiki" walk in the gardens and fields would be safe! Vintage Mozyr pensioner Zoya Nikolaevna Leontevoj even hardly unusual: it boggles the mind! Among five-foot cucumber dominated super-cucumber — a giant increase of 1 m 75 cm! This is greater than the growth mistress.

Zoe Leontyev, a pensioner (Mozyr): "I'm such cucumbers never seen. It really is a miracle grew in the garden. I bought five seeds in the store, in a bag, and put in extraction without a bottom. Just surprised when a white flower is beginning to appear a slender clear something. I watered and fed, and then grew the first long cucumber. "

What kind were seeds, cucumber gave life monsters, she can not remember. Cucumbers in growth climbed to sink, forming a miracle tree with huge elongated fruit. Vintage Belarusian pensioner was a planetary scale. In all dimensions Mozyr cucumber largest in the world!

World record holder cucumber British pensioner, last year she brought about a cucumber (length — meter nineteen), Polissya giant longer than its English counterpart by as much as 56 centimeters!

Specialists at a loss: the appearance of these unique cucumbers resemble unusual cucumber-squash hybrid. And the taste of, as the hostess, also atypical: cucumbers have pineapple flavor. To see this, we decided to give it a try.

The fact that our seniors have caught up and surpassed the West and the East, at least, for growing cucumbers, Zoya wants to fix officially.

Zoe Leontyev, a pensioner (Mozyr): "This crop I was very surprised. And I want someone to come and fix it. "

Cucumbers from a unique crop will largely on salads and pickling. And the main Super-waiting them interested experts from the Guinness World Records.

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