The police returned the confiscated computers, but not all

In Brest, the police began to return computer equipment confiscated during searches of the activists of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" in May last year.

A member of the Brest branch of the trade union of radio industry Olesya Gurin got her laptop, which the police took away May 19 Last year,. Just last week, the Moscow police department of Brest police told her that she can pick up your computer:

"Last Thursday I was waiting for a call from the police station, but no one called. Through the day I found out where the computer is located. Policemen also said that from Minsk to Brest came and confiscated equipment for ten days, they will find someone who will charge to do the return of the computer. Finally Bucket with Nicholas, the head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party, we came to the Moscow police department, and I returned the laptop. UCP But the computer is not found. "

Nicholas Bucket, Head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party, said that only through perseverance Olesya Gurin got back my computer:

"We promised to return the two of them, so we called and wrote more active than others. So we were bored, and they wrote a letter back to us. Hopefully in the near future and the rest returned. Though our system block they did not found in the warehouse. "

Olesya Gurin said that the seized computers Brest branch of the trade union of radio industry is unlikely to be returned in the near future. The police themselves do not know where those computers are located:

"System unit, which was removed in our office, there is now in stock. Well known and where other old computers. Policemen me unable to this issue to answer. "

The head of the Brest branch of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Igor Maslowski a long period of time can not get information about the fate of the seized office equipment in the office:

"We have been contacted many times before, we were also told that the investigation continues and after the activity, we will return the selected equipment. Now unknown, the condition of the business. Nobody answers."


Belarusian laws do not define the term for which you can confiscate vehicles — it all depends on the circumstances of the case. Responsibility for the preservation of the confiscated bears the Ministry of Finance and is the state agency that conducted the seizure. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for financial compliance. And the police (in this case) is legally liable.

Searches of May 19 2010 held in Brest offices REP, BSDPG, as well as in the apartments of activists of the "Tell the truth."


Brest, confiscated office equipment

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