The reason for the heat wave is hidden deep in the bowels of the Earth

The reason for the heat wave is hidden deep in the bowels of the Earth

Michael Burleshin

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" — federal issue № 5543 (167). 02-08-2011, 00:25

Now, in many parts of the world have established very high temperatures. Climatologists again all blame global warming, and some politicians even hint at climate wars. Unexpected version offers Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow, Geological Faculty of Moscow State University Vladimir Syvorotkin. He's talking to the correspondent of "RG".

RG: Summer of this year, as last, began in Russia with an abnormally high temperature. And the media started talking about using against us so-called "geophysical weapon".

Vladimir Syvorotkin: Indeed, there is a version that allegedly used against Russia climate weapon. In particular, it was not just write the candidate of military sciences and A. Sokolov Burmakin. They believe that last year's heat wave in Russia caused by exposure to artificial ionosphere giant microwave emitter, located in Alaska. But the question immediately arises: how to explain the anomalous temperature that prevails in the U.S. this year? Do they themselves staged a cataclysm? In principle, the possibility to use the geophysical weapon I take seriously, but I think and I can prove that the heat of the summer of 2010 — a natural phenomenon.

WP: What is the cause?

Syvorotkin: The sudden changes in ozone in the upper atmosphere. As you know, the gas protects the Earth from heating by sunlight. To substantiate his hypothesis in 2010, I compared the data on variations of ozone and weather events across the globe. For example, in Greece, the first days of January last year was the hottest in 100 years of records, and on the island of Crete, the temperature rose to almost 30 C! In the same period, the ozone concentration over the country would reduce by 20 percent. And similar examples of the impact of ozone concentration jumps on the climate set.

RG: But why so suddenly jumps ozone?

Syvorotkin: And here's to blame for hydrogen, which at certain times becomes heavily allocated from deep within the Earth. It is this gas, and even destroys methane and ozone. This hypothesis was the first to check in the Khibiny Mountains, has long known intensity of methane and hydrogen. Devices showed that when the concentration of hydrogen increases sharply, and there are ozone holes. The planet identified areas where such dependence is obvious. This so-called rift zones located on the crest of the mid-ocean ridges, where emissions of hydrogen is a hundred times more than in other areas of the planet. In short, ozone anomalies and rift zones walking couple.

For example, it is well known that the most powerful and often destroyed the ozone layer over Antarctica. But this is where the most rifts and merge into a single Tsirkumantarktichesky rift, where the hottest mantle and gas emissions are particularly active. It is very significant distribution of ozone anomalies over Russia. They are grouped in the Ural-Caspian, West Siberia, East Siberia, Sakhalin-Indigirka, the White Sea-Baltic regions. That's where the powerful rifts.

RG: How do the processes taking place in the bowels of an anomalous increase in temperature?

Syvorotkin: Emissions of hydrogen deplete the ozone layer, which is to defend the Earth from the sun. Through the resulting "hole" to the surface of the Earth comes additional solar radiation, warming the surface air by several degrees. This leads to some pressure drop. But, as a rule, it is insignificant and no weather anomalies arise. That is the very "hole" — this is only a necessary but not sufficient condition for the occurrence of abnormal weather. The situation is quite different, if near the ozone "hole" are anticyclones with increased atmospheric pressure. Then events begin to develop in the most unfavorable scenario. Anticyclones are drawn into the "hole", and they changed dramatically and pressure, and most importantly — the temperature. So begins an anomaly.

WP: How have the ozone "hole" on the weather in Russia in 2010?

Syvorotkin: South of Europe, due to the nature of the atmospheric circulation is traditionally shaped area of high pressure. There are usually located Azores, North Africa and the Arabian anticyclones. To the south-east — the Central Asian anticyclone, very cold in winter and hot in summer. It was a sudden movement of the anticyclone, caught in the ozone "hole", and led to the climate anomaly in Europe. In Russia, the 2010 ozone hole appeared at the end of June, and under it sucked southern anticyclone. And since there is no ozone umbrella temperature anticyclone began to rise sharply, resulting in a temperature record. Maximum, about 20 percent, the loss of ozone in the center of the anomaly was recorded on July 29, which secured an absolute temperature record for the day.

The ozone "hole" anticyclone held for nearly two months, constantly "podsasyvaya" heavier air from the south-east, at least in the south. It ended on August 20. It was then that stop the release of hydrogen from the Earth and, therefore, closed the ozone anomaly. Started cooling.

In fact, the unusual weather of summer 2010, there was nothing exceptional. Feature was the provision that the events occurred in the middle of summer, which led to abnormal heat and fire. And basically because of weather anomalies "ozone holes" caused by coming from the Earth's hydrogen occurred almost annually in the last 10-15 years. The latest example — fall 2009. Then the high temperatures were established in European Russia in September and lasted until December 7. A 3 December in Moscow temperature record was set — +8 C!

RG: What can you say about the weather this year? After all the heat again, then again intrigues "ozone holes"?

Syvorotkin: Such weather events on the European side, as in the past, has not been and will not be. But in Yakutia was very hot. It was there in mid-March 2011 to 50 per cent destroyed the ozone layer. I already predicted that it is very likely weather anomaly.

WP: What is the cause of periodic hydrogen emission from the Earth?

Syvorotkin: According to many scientists, the whole point of seismic activity or space "influences", in particular, the gravitational effects of the moon and the sun, which reduces pressure on the liquid core of the planet, the main tank of hydrogen, and makes "move" hard core inside the liquid , which also enhances degassing.

Well, the anomalous heat is certainly possible to forget, if you buy a cottage Leningrad highway for which — the best location. If you have not spare money for good air conditioning — a high temperature in the street can never remember!

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