The reform of the fleet. The main threat in the Far East

Russian government will build a new fleet, the task of which is security of energy flows and a reflection of the danger from China and the Land of the Rising Sun. According to preliminary estimates it will take up to 5 trillion. rub. more than any other branch of the armed forces. According to the plans to replenish the fleet in 2020 36 nuclear and diesel submarines and 40 surface ships, new models made by technology "stealth".

New puzzles fleet

Experts identify four main areas of use of the fleet in the future:

1. Protection of passing along the bottom of the oil and gas pipelines, as deposits of natural resources in the sea shelf.
2. Maintaining the safety of commercial maritime communications (countering piracy).
3. Creation of a military balance in the regions of the country where this goal through other branches of the armed forces does not seem likely. First, it is for the Chinese areas where lumped Chinese group, surpassing all our army in 2 times. In addition, the Army of China armed with enough modern instrument, at the time, as it fleet has limited military capabilities.
4. Political and demonstration. Demonstration of the Russian flag at the points of the planet, where the RF signal its fundamental impact. First, because there are countries in Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The reform of the fleet.  The main threat in the Far East

U.S. is no longer the enemy

According to the latest sea the concept of the United States finished playing the role of a potential enemy. Because graduate built ships narrow specialization, namely the huge anti-Demand (BOD) and subs' killer of aircraft carriers ". The main forces of the fleet will be five classes of ships.
Strategic nuclear submarine belonging to the nuclear triad. According to the plan of the Ministry of Defence until 2020 will be bought 8 submarine project "Borey" rockets filled with "Bulava". First boat Series — "Yuri Dolgoruky" is launched.

Next are 22 multipurpose nuclear and diesel submarines armed with cruise missiles and torpedoes. Their purpose the protection and maintenance of strategic nuclear submarines, missile attacks on army facilities and infrastructure of the enemy. The first multi-purpose submarine "Severodvinsk" is ready.

The third class consists of a frigate. Only 12 units will be laid., The construction of the first "Admiral Gorshkov" is completed at the factory in St. Petersburg. These ships are ships of the far sea zone with a radius of acts 5-10 thousand miles.

In addition to the fleet in 2020 will receive a 20 corvettes, boats near sea zone, designed for use within a radius of (5.2 million km). In the system introduced by the parent ship series "Guarding", another 4 have already been laid in the shipyards.

By the last class includes landing ships. Results will be built up to 10 units, among them four amphibious assault ship, most likely "Mistral", 2 of which will be bought in France, and 2 built under license in Russia. Other ships will be our design, the head of their "Ivan Gren" is currently in the initial stages of construction in Kaliningrad.

The reform of the fleet.  The main threat in the Far East

Rotation of the Pacific Ocean

Undergo a fundamental revision of the role of each of the four fleets. The most massive Fleet Pacific Fleet will, which at the current time to combat potential is second, behind the North. Specifically, he will get most of large surface ships and submarines half.
Accordingly, the swap and objectives of the fleet. It will be the main and only suppressive force expansionist ambitions of China. Second it will be possible adversary, Japan, which still can not come to terms with the loss of the Kuril Islands. First of acquired from the French "Mistral" will be used just in the area of the Kuril Islands.

In the Northern Fleet is currently focused all major languid weapons — nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Peter the Great", our only aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" and about 80% of strategic nuclear submarines. After the reforms in the fleet is only one part of the 2-bases of strategic submarines, which will be imparted to 2-3 and 5-6 frigates, corvettes. "Peter the Great" will be used mostly for demo visits. The fate of an aircraft carrier is still uncertain, quite clearly, that in the Northern Region to do nothing, and all the others do not have the appropriate fleet him shore infrastructure.

The Black Sea Fleet has recently subjected to the most constructive renewal. The committee should enter 18 new ships, all of the small radius of action. This is a 12 corvettes and landing ships and diesel submarines 6 projects "Varshavyanka" and "Harmony", with all this, the main striking force of the fleet remains the missile cruiser "Moskva". Black Sea Fleet will do two main tasks, the protection of the pipeline "South Stream" and preventing the likely anger on the part of Georgia. Introduced to the Navy helicopter carrier "Mistral" will be responsible for the fight against Somali pirates.

The Baltic Fleet will be virtually coastal fleet. All big ships from its membership at the moment transferred to Sevastopol, and he will receive from the new corvette 2-3. In the Baltic, we do not wage war with anyone and all Problem fleet will be reduced to the protection of the pipeline "Nord Stream".

The reform of the fleet.  The main threat in the Far East

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