The Republicans are willing to take the first white-washed house, and later curb Moscow

Overcoming the fear of the forces of nature in the form of Hurricane "Isaac" ("Isaac"), Republican party USA all the same start its own congress in the town of Tampa (Fla.). On the days of the republican "rally" the city turned into something like a fortress, the streets are filled with representatives of the police and security services, helicopters circling in the sky, and the Gulf of Mexico, apparently teeming with submarines of the U.S. Navy. All of this is made in order to Mitt Romney's companions felt the support of at least part of the people in the form of, as people in civilian clothes are not very eager to support the Republicans in the upcoming presidential election.

The Republicans are willing to take the White House at first, and then "curb Moscow"

The main task of the representatives of the Congress is the emergence of a candidate from the party. Specifically, this man will have to confront the representative of the U.S. Democratic Party, Barack Obama. Total profit for Congress 2286 delegates from all U.S. states, 5 "foreign" territories and, of course, the neighborhood of Columbia. For the election of the emperor Romney candidates post he had to enlist the support of 1,144 delegates. But the old man Mitt went even further and got in his support as much as the voice of 2061, which amounted to 90.1%. The result gives something similar to a free and democratic elections in Turkmenistan (there is, however, no less than 99-minute). In general, the party said, "should", Romney said, "is," and now in the U.S. is planned confrontation 2-candidates for a seat in the cabinet are rounded white houses — in fact, the very Mitt Romney and now the acting head of the country — Barack Obama.

Each of these gentlemen pochetaemyh has its election program that in these days of all we have the opportunity to get acquainted with some excerpts from the pre-election programs from the Republican Party, which is the favorite and was elected to the days of Mitt Romney. In the Republican program there enough disk imaging devoted to Russian Federation. This is logical. Romney's propensity to reflect on the theme okolorossiyskie was visible from as long as it showed up as the 1st of the favorites of the Republicans. Realizing that he must, at all costs, "recruit" on your side of voters, Mitt Romney decided to go for Toren the track that he had to beat a lot of representatives of the American political elite: George W. Bush., John McCain and others. This path is a path that definitely puts all the i in terms of the Russian Federation as a "totalitarian" and the country's anti-humanist, in which "power-bigots" that impede democratization posed by the United States of America. Such images with young people sit in the hearts of ordinary Yankees, and means, that people go to it, or another one, this time a horror story, "the king of peas" should just remind citizens.

According to the views of the Republicans in general and Mitt Romney, namely, the Russian authorities should immediately end the fierce suppression of opposition movements, break all ties with the "tyrants" Near East, to withdraw its troops from the "occupied territories of Georgia", to abandon support "of the Stalinist regime in the Belarus' and whatnot reconsider breaking, complete. And it will be, apparently, if the RF true universal happiness …

If we add all these republican requirements for Russian authorities to more expression of early Mitt Romney that if he wins the presidential election, "rein in Moscow," we can only say that it was too hot south american 65-year-old boy razduharilis … At that age should have their health and contemplate, much less that such expressions clearly indicate the presence of at Mitt nedoobsledovannosti honey.

At the time of this slip of the tongue and Dmitry Medvedev, who referred to all the words of the Russian Federation Romney as enemy number one for the U.S., a typical "Hollywood" Cool and remnants of war that can not erode from the cranial boxes of many American politicians.

But Romney, apparently, is not going to slow its momentum, as evidenced by the following extracts from the programs from his party. For example, the Republican candidate is going to somehow assist the EU in the sense, that one less dependent on Russian energoelementov. How is Romney going to do it, is still not clear. Maybe he will personally present the Europeans alternative sources of fuel, or simply reduce the number of Europeans themselves, but what? — Fewer people the EU — less dependence on RF

Do not miss the Republicans on Congress's own ability to recall the words of Barack Obama, as he promised after the election in the United States to be with Russia posgovorchivee. These words, of course, have drawn properly, saying that as long as Obama is flirting with totalitarian states, Mitt Romney is only on the Protection of the Yankees. How many of those millions Yankees should be in the account, that the Republicans were on the protection of their interests in the program diplomatically silent party …

There was a place in the program and for the United States to such an epochal document as a list Magnitsky, who apparently has to be specific, "the Jackson-Vanik Amendment-2" with respect to interaction with Russia. Well, did not go to the American authorities and those who seek this power to work with Russia in the framework of a measured dialogue. There will always be a reason for that to spoil even the most good beginnings. Here you can find an example: do you want to do business with us — let us, but that's for you to have a gift in the form of restrictive paper, in which we are free to vcherkivat anyone, anytime … I do not want the paper, then let us about your boundaries missile stumbles … Oh You also launch our democratic do not want to create? Well then you definitely enemy number one …

By the way, at the Congress of the U.S. Republican Party and attended by delegates from the Republican Party of Russia. More precisely, not in the Congress, and the so-called socio-political events that accompany this Congress. Among the Russian guests Mitt Romney and his party were such a person as Pavel Khodorkovsky (son of himself) and Vladimir Kara-Murza (also a junior). On the basis of only one of the first names, it can be concluded that, in what was still the essence of such an invitation from the Yankees delegations from Russia. But to complete the picture is still necessary to quote the words of Kara-Murza Jr., who explained in detail the purposes for which they were headed to Florida.

It turns out that the representatives of Russian Republicans came to Tampa, so, neither more nor less, click on Mitt Romney … It would seem that they were invited, but they still come here to push anyone. But do not be afraid, gentlemen, comrades, Romney and he pleased, that a certain number of persons of the Russian Federation for his "crushed" — well, he has such a need …

In general, the Khodorkovsky-ml. and the company came to the U.S. to urge local Republicans to be tougher against Russia. In their opinion, it is necessary to take faster "Magnitsky list", begins to actively support the democratic opposition in Russia, as the words of the current administration of the U.S. President to recognize the elections in the Russian Federation, as you can
see, just offended "Russian people "who gathered in the streets of Russian cities in order to begin his" orange "epic. Apparently, in the sky, waiting for NATO bombers peace, but to no avail. It was then that Russian opposition and decided to reclaim the American Friends truly concrete actions rather than lament Ambassador McFaul burying the cellars of the diplomatic mission tents for the protesters.

As Mitt Romney's words imbued Russian friends can be judged from his remarks that he is ready to begin really to support the opposition in Russia in the case of its own victory.

Hardness Mitt Romney, as emphasized by the delegates, revealing. Apparently, that her husband is not completely swamped the Napoleonic idea, the Congress has decided to take the word of the wife of the Republican candidate 63-year-old Ann Romney. She, like the true characteristic of the Mormon American woman said that her husband — a real model to follow. At a time when the whole world is asleep, her husband works for the good of his own country.

The candidate's wife said that if the United States will make the right choice in electing Mitt for president, then the country will become a truly strong world power. "This man has not let us down!" — Summed Ann.

In general, a show in Tampa, it seems, continues. The script is fulfilled to the last detail. Any of the actors know their role. It remains only to heat up the target audience in the form of a South American electorate which must understand the whole nightmare of the "Russian threat" in this case, if the honored artist does not take a Republican presidency. The budget of the film under the title "Romney breaks into the power of" smells billion dollars, as befits a modern Hollywood thriller.

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